10 Things You Need To Check In Your Car Before Your Road Trip

Road Trips are fun. Covering long distances with favourite tracks on loop seems like a perfect combination that everyone wants to enjoy to the fullest. No one wants to explore unsudden breakdowns or any hindrance in the entire journey by your car. To make sure we do not experience any breakdowns in the journey, following the below checklist will be a good step to a safe journey. 

Suspension Check

One of the most crucial things to watch out for in your car before heading for a road trip is Suspension. It is the most fundamental aspect that you need to check for ensuring a smooth drive. There are instances that many car parts get damaged due to less or no use. Hence, it becomes imperative to check your car for a perfect road trip. 

Brakes Check

Brakes are essential for controlling the motion of a car and maintaining speed. When there is a noise coming from your car brakes, better to take it to a repair shop and get things checked and tested by a qualified mechanic. 

Check Wipers and Lights 

Wipers and lights are needed to be in proper condition as they are crucial during night travelling. Before you head for your trip, its better you replace the old or torn blades with new ones as you can’t afford to take a risk during fog, rainfall, or any other similar condition. Lighting pieces of equipment need to checked so that you don’t face any issue in your entire journey. 

Checking Oil

To ensure a safe and smooth journey where you need to cover long miles, there is no point in ignoring car oil from your list. Car Oil is necessary for a smooth and splendid driving experience; therefore, it should be checked for the proper functionality of a car. If the car oil turns dirty or old, the car will not be able to perform its 100% as the driving experience will be drastically affected. A necessary oil check from an experienced general petrol car service mechanic will ensure the level of oil quality in your car. If your car needs fresh oil, it is better to change it that will be beneficial for covering long distances swiftly. 

Change Air Filters 

There is no point of surprise that in your entire journey, you will encounter streets filled with dust and garbage. Dust and garbage can drastically affect the air interiors, hence, air filters are essential for keeping dust away from entering the car. As per many car mechanic and experts, it is recommended that air filters should be replaced every 12000 miles to maintain the optimum condition, air quality, fuels, and engine performance. 

Convey A Spare Tire/Stepney 

No one wants to kick tyres in the middle of the road when you meet a tyre puncture or any other wheel issue. It is best to have an extra tire alongside fundamental tool kits to cover any unsudden incident on the highway. 

Taking a Test Drive of your Car Before the Trip 

Before you get yourself ready for a long journey, you need to ensure that your car is 100% ready for a road trip, and everything should be perfectly right in order. Covering a short test drive with your car and trying and testing all the aspects will ensure you don’t face any issue at all. It is also advisable to take your car to an expert mechanic so that if there is any need for mechanical Repair Services in the car, it can get rectified and repaired in the best manner. 

Check Exhaust System 

 The car exhaust system should not be ignored by the checklist. A defective exhaust system can add inconveniences to your car journey and affect your car with bad fuel condition and less power. If you are experiencing any unusual murmuring and popping sound in your exhaust than definitely, it calls for inspection. Many experts recommend that if your car is more than five years old, its exhaust system should be checked properly by experienced car mechanics. 

Complete Emergency Kit 

 Uncertainty can occur at any moment, and it is best if you are prepared with it. To make sure you are ready for facing any challenge, your car must have an emergency kit that should have all the necessary equipment like screwdrivers, wrenches, and other necessary equipment. 

 Battery Check

 If you’ve been experiencing difficulty in starting your car, there is a need for replacement or car battery service. A car battery is essential for giving power supply to all your equipment; therefore, having a quick assessment of a battery check is fundamental for a relaxed journey. 

The above checklist will ensure that you are completely confident about your car performance in covering long miles. If you are still not confident and have any issues, taking your car to car service Adelaide will be a smart call to tackle all the issues in a better way.