bose tenor lenses

At a fraction of the cost of brand-new sunglasses, Bose Tenor lenses replacement. Depending on your requirements, the Tenor replacement lenses are available in various color and coating options. For all-day adventures, Stealth Black lenses are your go-to choice. On sunny days, a neutral tint keeps your eyes sharp.

Polarised for Glare Reduction –

Because they are polarised, these lenses can help reduce glare in various settings. It reduces glare from water, snow, and glass surfaces. Colors are less distorted and easier to distinguish with less glare.

What’s Included –

• one set of substitution focal points (left and appropriate) for your Bose Tenor shades

• Defensive microfiber sack for capacity and cleaning

• Bose Tenor focal point care directions

Features –

  • With these Bose Lenses Tenor in mirrored blue, you can change the look of your Bose Frames to match your style better.
  • Installing new lenses for your Bose Frames is designed to be quick and straightforward, taking between 30 and 45 seconds.
  • Replace the old lenses with the new ones by taking the old ones out.
  •  Simple to adhere to directions are incorporated to direct you.
  • The materials used to make these new lenses are designed to be highly resistant to scratching and shattering, and they are designed to block 99% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Furthermore, top-notch replacement lenses provide added protection against eye discomfort and potential long-term harm by effectively blocking both UVA and UVB rays.
  • The sunglass focal points are constructed intensely and thoroughly tested to fulfill the American Public Guidelines Organization (ANSI) Z80.3 influence obstruction standard.
  • Instead of being bent to shape, the lenses of these sunglasses are injection-molded as well as tapered to the proper optical curvature.
  • Our polarised lenses offer superior glare protection from surfaces like the road, water, or snow for improved visual clarity. 

Additional Details –

• The best for splendid light (12% light transmission

• A nonpartisan color while glancing through the focal point

• A defensive covering that forestalls scratches

• The material of the focal point: transparent polycarbonate

Technology Innovations and Optical Boselution –

ANTI-CORROSION: The imaginative innovation keeps the focal point from seawater consumption. Our optical experts have rigorously tested the coating life, which is more than eight times longer than a standard lens.

HARDEN COATED: Enhance the performance of scratch resistance. Rigorously tried by our optical specialists, the covering life is 3+ times more expanded by anticipation than conventional focal points.

POLARISATION: The highest-quality polarising films are used to manufacture the lenses, which precisely deliver superior clarity and eliminate glare caused by shiny surface reflections.

TAPER CORRECTED: Utilize the taper-corrected technology to deliver zero distortion in the peripherals and crystal-clear vision.

ANTI-REFLECTIVE: The coated treatment effectively reduces eye strain and improves clarity by blocking light and glare from behind.

Bose Tenor Lenses Replacement –

• Step 1: Push on the lens’ back nasal corner by turning the frame around. 

• Step 2: Hold outlines confronting you and line up the external edge of focal points with an outline.

• Step 3: Run your thumbs around the focal point, popping it into place. 

Don’t Want to Do Your Lens Installation? 

Choose the Expert Install service and send your sunglasses with our pre-paid shipping label. Our Eyewear Experts will install the lenses and ensure a perfect fit for you.

Changing the lenses in a pair of Bose Tenor sunglasses –

Fuse Lenses’ new, high-quality lenses can be added to your Bose Tenor sunglasses in just a few simple steps. Watch this video to learn how to fit your new lenses in your frames properly.


• Grab the frames with their sides facing away 

• Squeeze the nose’s corner. 


• Hold the frames in your hands.

• Align the lens edge with the frame.

• Press the lenses into the frame


• Use microfiber material

• Wipe in a round movement

Conclusion – 

With the Bose Tenor Lens Collection, you may customize the appearance. Thanks to its fashionable colors and user-friendly design, switching lenses to match your clothes in a matter of seconds is straightforward. Each of the lenses blocks up to 99 percent UVA/B rays, has polarised choices, and is shatter- and scratch-resistant.

By Anurag Rathod

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