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The Human Resources department has been going through a transformative journey ever since its foundation. The human resource industry has played a large part in ensuring organizational growth and success. In its formative phase, the HR department had largely played a traditional administrative role, then eventually transformed into a strategic player. The HR department needs to be attuned to the modern needs of industries where every business task has become technology driven. The HR department must, therefore, adopt tech-driven approaches to provide relevant and effective solutions to companies in order to remain competitive in the business world. In this article, let’s discuss some modern-day approaches taken by the HR department to ensure companies reach their maximum potential:

Cultivating a solid culture within the workforce:

Building a culture within the workplace enables employees to connect or align with business strategies more effectively. When all employees follow the same culture, it fosters a bond, unity, and engagement with the company while also driving motivation. By introducing an organization’s deeply rooted ethos and culture to the employees, HR takes a strategic approach to establishing the organization’s long-term business goals.

Reshaping the company’s reward system:

Organizations must run time-to-time incentive programs to boost employee’s morale and acknowledge the hard work they do all year long. Customizable incentive programs are crucial and must be conducted to motivate employees and ensure employee retention in the long run. Moreover, incentive programs, in addition to ensuring retention, also help in attracting top talents. All in all, rethinking the reward system is a significant role of the HR team within the organization that enhances the overall performance of the business.

Establishing a secured workforce:

It is the role of the HR department to build a cybersecurity-conscious culture in the organization. In the modern day and age, when online threats have advanced immensely, ensuring employees within an organization are practicing technologically safe operations is of utmost importance. The HR team can leverage various digital platforms or AI-generated simulations to train all the employees and make sure that they learn the basics of maintaining cyber hygiene and becoming well-versed in online threat detection.

Prioritizing mental health and well-being of employees:  

Prioritizing employees’ well-being in the office is extremely important, for a healthy workplace reduces absenteeism, thereby enabling the organization to maintain its productivity. There are various well-being training and activities your company’s HR team can implement to enforce both the physical fitness and mental health of the employees.  It’s the role of the HR team to establish a caring and supportive work environment, and in order to do so, they can utilize various AI-powered digital tools to track the health status of each member of the company or to run mental health awareness programs.

Diversity and inclusion:

Nowadays, every striving business is looking to build a diversified and inclusive workforce. These companies have been taking DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) initiatives to hire people with different backgrounds while making sure they get fair and equal treatment. The thought behind creating a diversified and inclusive workplace is that when people from different backgrounds and age groups join the workplace and work on a project together, the organization benefits from enhanced creativity, quick decision-making, increased innovation, increased employee engagement, and, therefore, improved overall performance. 


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By Anurag Rathod

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