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Stains and paints are made of materials that are super sticky and can create a royal pain for you if you happen to spill them over your furniture. Paints stains can completely ruin the perfect beauty and shape of your sofa fabric or couch. 

No matter how careful you are, it seems like some paint will always get splattered on your carpets, sofas, and furniture. Paints are always desisted to leave their marks on your sofa or couch. However, hiring upholstery cleaning Sydney professionals can solve the problem if you choose a reliable company. 

Our experts at Pro Sofa Clean love helping clients solve their problems and clean every piece of furniture and upholstery. But this is not the only thing we do, we love sharing useful insights and tips with our readers and clients to immediately improve the conation of their upholstery and furniture. 

Let us provide you with some knowledge regarding how you can remove the stains caused by water-based paints on your sofa items or upholstery. If you have no idea or experience of how to wash paints off the sofa fabrics, then this article is going to help you learn good things. Let’s get started.

How to Treat Upholstery Stained by Water Paints 

At Pro Sofa Clean, our best curtain cleaning Sydney company professionals have years of expertise in treating upholstery stained by water paints. Our couch cleaning Sydney professionals use the best tools to lightly scrape away all the paint marks from your upholstery or leather sofa or suede couch. Here are a few practical tips we know will benefit you to solve the problem at home.

The first thing that you need to remember is that you need not use these tips on your clothes or other items in the home. These tips are exclusively provided by our couch cleaning Sydney experts for treating upholstery stains caused by water paints.  Our Upholstery Steam Cleaning professionals suggest that you start by lightly scraping away the excess paint on the cover or fabric of your new sofa. 

Take soap and keep the blotting process on until all the stains are removed from the upholstery. Never use too much water as it will dilute the paint and stain both and you will not get the satisfaction that you may expect through this procedure. Our lounge cleaning Sydney experts suggest that you remove soapy residue by blotting the area with a sponge or cloth lightly dampened with plain water. 

Now if you see the stains still showing up on the upholstery or couch, take some acetone and apply it like you apply nail polish on your nails. You can test the acetone first on an area that is not much affected by paint stains. Make sure that the fabric does not contain acetate. 

However, that is all the length you can go to solve this problem at home; if the stain is still dancing with its strong legs on your sofa cover, then you must call L-shaped lounge cleaning professionals at Pro Sofa Clean to further deal with this complex stain issue. 

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Emulsion Paints and water-based paints are always the worst kinds of stains on your upholstery items. If the paint dries, it is always a pain to remove such kinds of stains without a heavy intervention. Since paint stains are always hard to remove, try and break up and remove as much of the paint as you can. 

If the paint has not dried yet, then you must follow the steps given below: 

  1. When you see the paint stains, get your hands on a neutral stain-removal product and blot it up as much as you can on the affected area. 
  2. Never use too much water because it will make the stain spread and even more permanent. 
  3. After this step, you must wait for a few minutes before everything dries up properly. When it happens, you can use towels and wait for the stainless shape to appear.
  4. However, if you fail to get the best results, then this means your work has not been done properly or you have not gained the right results. Try to use some citrus gel and use the above steps again to try again.
  5. Give it a good try again and never lose hope. Things will get better if you learn to apply these tips efficiently. 

The bottom line is, removing paint marks is not impossible for you. However, it is the type of stain that can strongly bother you if you don’t call expert professionals such as couch cleaning Sydney experts at Pro Sofa Clean. Based on a series of paint marks on your sofa or couch, our professionals have the best resources to figure out a method that suits your needs at an affordable cost.

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