Fierce competition from all over the world has made it difficult for tech companies to hire developers who are at the top of their fields. With most companies looking to hire Indian developers traditional hiring procedures aren’t producing satisfactory results. 

So, crafting an innovative online strategy for hiring Indian developers is a good option to explore. In this article, we are going to outline a few creative strategies which you can explore to hire IT developers in India. 

Innovative online hiring strategies

Quora contributions

Quora being a Q&A forum, is a great place to hire top developers. At any given point of time there are a number of discussions going on regarding software development. Anybody who is sharing their expertise on Quora is evidently not opposed to sharing their ideas and helping others. This is a great bonus for any team as you would want your developers to not only excel at their job but help others too as and when needed. 

Public Slack channels

Just like Quora, public Slack channels are a good place to find developers who are active in the tech community. But, unlike Quora or Reddit, you cannot view every conversation on Slack. You will need to be a part of the community to browse through the conversations of that particular community. Although this requires some amount of work on your part, it is high beneficial and you can find premium talents and initiate conversations with them. 

Organize developer meetups

If you host a developer meetup, the first implication of it is that you are an active part of the dev community. Now, most meetups are centered around particular technologies. This allows you to find people who are interested in similar languages or frameworks. Moreover you can even find beginners with potential who are willing to learn the trade. 

Social media engagement

Most companies use social media solely for marketing purposes. But if used correctly, it can be a great tool for tech companies to hire Indian developers. In 2021, a whopping 92% of all employers reported using social media for hiring purposes. The choice of social media plays a crucial role in this regard. If you wish to hire social media managers, Instagram is your safest bet. Similarly, you will need to research which social media platform would be the best option to hire developers. So far, LinkedIn is a good option for you to explore. 

Browse on Github

No matter where you find a developer, Quora, Slack, or LinkedIn, their profiles are likely to contain a link to their Github profile. So why not start your search directly there itself? Github doesn’t just show you the code of a developer. It shows much more than that. Their personal projects, past projects, contributions to the dev community, and so on are available for view on their Github profile. These factors will help you assess whether the individual would be a proper fit for your team. 

Search on Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the largest Q&A platform related to software. This is why it is a great place for you if you are looking to scout talent who are knowledgeable and experienced. If you browse through Stack Overflow, it will not only help you find devs who help others but also the ones who ask intelligent questions. 

The platform even offers a premium feature called candidate search which is tailor made for employers to recruit top talent. 

Browse through Reddit

While Reddit is one of the most popular social media websites for discussions, the profiles there are anonymous. However, if you are really interested in someone’s work, you can directly message them using a profile. And from there you can take the conversation forward. You can even post your job description on the forum and let people reach out to you. 

Ask for referrals

Any employer worth their salt will have a significant connection circle. So, you can ask them for their referrals. Referrals are a good way of getting good candidates. Plus these candidates have been vetoed already by your peers. 

Final thoughts

If you are looking to hire developers from India, you have come to the right place. Contact us today and get started on the process of hiring Indian developers. In case of any queries, our experts are always available to help you out. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.