The age of PC gaming is never going away. The reason for this is because several popular games have moved onto gaming consoles. The issue with this is lack of customization. Unlike your computer repair store software which can do wonders for your store.

Having the latest Ps5 or an Xbox one is an achievement in itself. But for hardcore multiplayer gaming, professionals still have a biased towards PCs.

Customization of PCs erupted in the late 2000s, when buying single components and building your own PC was fast becoming economical.

While, off-the-shelf PCs were starting to become less and less compatible with high-ranking games. And already-built custom gaming PCs were too expensive to buy.

Custom PCs are pretty exciting to build because a user knows which components they need to get their dream PC! However, this excitement does come with a cost.

And a heavy one to be exact! Your repair center software can help you generate the pricing estimates as per your customers’ requirements.

Get More Customers

You’ll witness several customers flock to your store looking for technicians who can build them a customized PC as per their requirement. Use your computer repair store software to market yourself correctly.

You can go about this in two ways; you can offer both the parts and assembly costs combined. Or you can go about letting customers buy the components they want, while you charge them for the fitting.

This is because your primary monetary benefit comes from sourcing parts, but if you only go about it this way, you’ll lose several customers as well. Integrate marketing features with your POS software to save existing customers.

By offering both the services, your customers will start reaching out to your store for parts as well. Or you can also source newer parts and let your customers know about it. The process is a tedious one for your customers as well. More than what your employee’s would feel.

First you research and source every part you’d need. Then you’d buy the parts ensuring their compatibility with each other.

The process will surely take hours of hard work!

Interestingly, the result will be in the form of good news. A successfully running custom PC build is a win for both your shop and the customer. Highlight these wins for employees and customers alike using your computer repair store software.

Cost Effectiveness

As a computer repair store owner, you need to understand that getting your hands into all forms of computer repairs, customizations and parts sourcing is essential.

Making any of these as your shop’s forte enables you to secure a steady amount of returning customers. And an increase in better reviews.

Nowadays, building a customized PC is less expensive and more powerful than most gaming PCs you can get off-the-shelf from any electronics store. Whereas, buying a pre-built PC will enable you to receive a machine that’s also more powerful and less expensive than any gaming PC.

But the best part about this is that it’ll have more-or-less the exact components and options that you require. Take help in this regard from your repair center software.

In essence, a custom-built PC is based on your specific needs and wants. It becomes particularly crucial for those striving to use the PC for games.


Many people these days are moving away from gaming consoles like Xbox and Playstations. They’re particularly moving towards customized gaming PCs.

For instance, these modern video games require very high resolutions and refresh rates. A custom-built PC can easily host the games from both consoles. Making itself the best gaming platform available.

One of the major benefits of letting your repair store employees build customized PCs is diversity. If you take on everything related to computer repairs, your business will have multiple revenue streams.

However, the regulation of these streams comes much much later. Because first, you need to bring in customers for each revenue stream.

Easier For Your Technicians Than Your Customers

Additionally, your store can easily provide useful insights of detailed information to customers for getting the right custom-built PC.

Apart from these, imparting top-notch performance figures, compatibility and installation steps become pretty simple for your technicians.

You can highlight your store’s special repair features by enabling your customers to select each component of their gaming PC according to the games they play, or are aiming to play.

Market Your Diversity in Repairing

Integrate your POS system with a repair center software and easily market the diversity of computer repairs and builds your business is offering.

Let your consumers know that your repair store understands which parts are needed for your requirements. While providing crucial assistance along the way.

Highlight the excitement of your employees. Let your customers know that your experts are passionate about PC building!

In addition to this, make sure that your employees are up to the task. Ensure the workability of every component and the PC on a whole. This way your customers can relate to the passion of your employees and walk right into your repair store.

Underline that your world-class technicians can make sure that all compatibility issues are resolved and the PC looks beautiful as well. If your employees don’t cut corners, like leaving messy cables un-strapped or not adding all the screws. Reveal that you guys are professional with PC builds.

All-in-all, having custom PC builds on your menu can prove to be more fruitful for your business growth. This does not mean that you end up hiring specialists in this field. With that saved money, you can use it to generate more customers via proper marketing through your POS software.

Ideally, focus on your strengths, and let everything flow. Make sure that the PC customization you’re offering is updated and stands at par with the ongoing latest technological advancements.

Let your customers know why this’ll be a better solution than purchasing a new machine every couple of years.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.