PRP‌ ‌Hair‌ ‌Restoration‌

This is a short-term combination of A-cell and platelet-rich plasma together with Kenalog dosage. A mixture of these substances sums in an injection that will make the hair grafts transplanted to restore the usual human hair rhythm.

Smart PRP hair restoration method increases the health and rate at which the implanted hair follicles survives. It also, at the same time, maintains the patient’s original hair. During the PRP for hair transplant, the affected area will wait for the transplanted hair grafts from the donor area.

After all the harvested hair grafts have been planted into the affected areas, the smart PRP will be injected into those recipient areas. These injections will stimulate the healing process. While performing this procedure for hair loss treatment, the patient’s blood will be drawn and put into a centrifuge.

The blood will then be separated in three ways to determine the highest number of platelets. These platelets will be injected into the scalp if the patient receives PRP for a hair transplant. The smart PRP process helps in giving the natural hair a healthy surrounding. This process can as well be performed separately without going in for the transplant.

Considerations for Maximum Success

PRP for hair treatment success rate will depend on the patient because not all patients were made the same, which means they should not be treated the same. The PRP process for a patient is supposed to be special just as they are.

Due to improved technology, now it is possible to get the exact number of platelets. This exact number will enable the doctor to make sure that the patient is getting the actual dosage. By doing so, the results will be successful.

Some weeks before the patient receives the smart PRP process, his/her blood will be collected. This blood will be used to determine the number of platelets that the patient has. In case of insufficient platelets, the patient will be treated to increase their platelets. The treatment will be done before the PRP hair treatment.

Making sure that the patient has reasonable goals about the procedure is important. The smart PRP hair treatment is not supposed to take place for hair transplant. But will surely make the patient’s hair stronger, thick, and abundant.

This process will stop the excessive shedding of hair. However, smart PRP will not make the areas where the follicle has been totally lost to regrow.

Both men and women can undergo PRP for hair loss treatment. Anyone that is suffering from hair loss can apply for this treatment.

Risks and Side Effects

You will not get any communicable disease during this therapy. This is because the blood is collected from the scalp. The side effect involved will be;

· Few linear scars

· There may be some infections

· Blood vessels or nerves can be injured

· Some bleeding in the scalp due to the injection

· A little bit of pain and irritation

The patient may as well have a negative reaction to the anesthetic that is used during the therapy. If you consider PRP for hair loss, make sure your doctor knows if you can tolerate the anesthetics.

To avoid the risks, you should let your doctor know if you are on any medication. This therapy can be denied to you if you smoke a lot or have been misusing drugs. This procedure is not fit for patients who are diagnosed with any chronic diseases.

Many patients continue with their normal activities immediately after the procedure. Collecting blood and injecting it into scalps normally take about 30 minutes.

The Cost of PRP for Hair Loss Treatment

The cost of this therapy is approximately $500 and $2000. This procedure is considered to be cosmetic hence not covered by insurance. It has also not been proved entirely that it works. But you should speak to your insurance to see if the PRP for hair loss is covered for you.

The pricing of this procedure will depend on the following factors;

· Where the patient resides

· The quality of the machine that will be used during the treatment procedure

· If any healthy ingredient will be added

The Post Treatment

After the hair transplant procedure, you should return to the clinic once a year to receive another smart PRP dosage. The patient will be able to see their hair grow healthy. The outcome of this treatment will be as soon as three weeks. The hair will grow healthy and more nourished throughout the year.


A large number of doctors apply PRP for hair loss treatment therapy to treat hair loss. This process can be relied on even if there is not enough proof of it. If you do not like to undergo hair loss treatment surgery, PRP will be your best option.

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