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Every job applicant knows the initial step to getting hired is to craft the best resume for their dream job. Recruiters always look for the best CVs. If they don’t pay attention to your document, you lose the chance of being interviewed. 

Resumes play a vital role. It is your visual representation. A three-page document might land you on your dream job, but it should align with the job description. Sometimes, these long resumes are found at the end of the piles, with the creative one having the edge over. 

In the digital era, most people submit online resumes in either PDF or JPEG formats. With time, now the concept of video resumes has reached a hype in the market. Let’s read through what these are and their pros and cons. 

Video Resumes 

A video resume is a unique and creative way to visually present yourself to recruiters instead of words. This CV also highlights all the important points that are essential to the hiring team. An updated version with no paper or DOCS. Still, confused about designing one that stands out in the market? You can always look forward to real estate agent CV writing help to guide you in all possible ways it can. Before you choose your resume format, look into some of the benefits and challenges of this new emerging resume. 

Benefits Of Video CVs

Although this technique is new in the market, it can make an applicant different from others. Some of the benefits of video resume include: 


Imagine a day as a recruiter. You’re receiving thousands of resumes and find it difficult to choose one. When scrolling down the browser, a video CV catches your sight. You will open it. 

Video resumes stand out differently from the queue of all other CVs. It is the best way to grab recruiters’ attention and increase the chances of being shortlisted for interviews. A short clip describing your achievements will help you in securing a position in interview lines. 


This resume is unique from the start of your job-hunting journey. Video resumes highlight your personality. You can tell the HR manager about many skills that are not manageable in written resumes. It’s a golden chance to pursue the recruiter with your ascent, body language, tone of voice, and confidence. 

Greater Control

It is not something you’re going through when asked tricky questions during interviews. Everyone gets confused and ends up ruining answers under pressure. Video resumes are the ideal solution to these problems. It gives you control and confidence. You can answer typical questions preemptively. It gives you a chance to record your answers without moving from your comfort zone.   

Cookie Point For Creativity

Applying for such a job that requires your creative skills? Video resumes are ideal for securing extra points if the recruiter finds your resume creative. You can enjoy the features of being extra creative with no restriction boundaries. You can add special effects, visuals, and even a storyline to your video that can describe you best. This is not possible in written resumes.

Challenges Of Video Resumes

Video resumes are still in progress. To overcome the obstacle of designing a document, you should always consider the best CV writing services in UAE. Before designing one, you need to monitor some of the demerits of this document:

May Be Considered Informal 

Video resumes are still uncommon in many sectors. People are getting known by this shift. Written resumes are considered more professional in domains like finance, IT, and tech. Therefore, many companies consider this CV informal. 

As a new invention, video resumes are not accepted by many companies. Research well before you send one. Your ultimate aim is to avoid negativity! 

Difficult To Analyze

Each company has set different application and recruitment process norms. When a company receives several applications for a single position, ATS software is used to shortlist resumes. In this process, video resumes create problems.

This resume format is not scannable through this software. Either your application will not be processed, or the hiring team will have to spend extra hours and effort analyzing your resume. This can result in getting frustrated and sometimes even backfires. 


Shooting a video requires considering factors like voice quality, camera quality, and editing skills. It is time-consuming as well as requires great strength and effort. You need to spend hours editing the video and tailoring it for one company. You need to have professional experience even in video-making. 

One video filmed may not fit all job applications. To do this, you need to record and edit multiple CVs for each job application. This is a lot of work.   

Not Suitable For Everyone

Every person is not the same. If you are confident in front of cameras, you will successfully design a video resume, but if you are camera shy, you cannot record a video resume. In this case, it’s better to stick to the traditional resume instead of negatively impacting the hiring team. This issue can be resolved with practice. 


What is the importance of a video resume?

A video resume is a short clip that you can use to introduce yourself to the HR or recruiter. It is submitted in addition to the cover letter and resume. You can even use this feature to give an introduction about your skills and experience that go along with the job you are applying for. 

What are some of the preparations required when recording a video resume?

Before you record your resume, you need to follow some steps to give your document a professional look. You need to plan your content, choose the right format, dress appropriately, check your equipment, and take multiple shots. Once you are done with all these steps, you can edit your video and finalize a copy to use.     

How should a candidate conclude the video resume?

You can conclude your resume by summing up all the essential details mentioned. You can add your enthusiasm for the assigned role, industry, and opportunity. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Read through the blog. Brainstorming these points will help you in deciding which resume format is best for you. If you opt for video resumes, make sure you know all the pros and cons of creating a perfect piece. A perfect document aligning with the job description can fetch you for a final interview call. Once you have sent your application, start whipping your interview skills as the day is not far when you will be called for an interview.  

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.