Profitable Cashew Farming

Profitable Cashew Farming In India With Varieties 

Cashew, a well known and tasty snack or dry fruit. It was selling quite expensive but easily available and buying snacks. It is locally called Kaju in India. Everyone likes it in many ways, such as roasted cashews, salted cashew and many more. Cashews look like kidney-shaped seeds that come from the cashew tree. The cashew seed is commonly considered a cashew nut eaten raw seeds, used in recipes, or processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter. 

We all know about cashews and know how much quantity is required to eat. But this knowledge is not adequate, and you need to know more about this snack. This post will get to know about its uses, cultivation, producing states, and much complete information.  

Everyone knows the cashews come from the trees. But do you know? It is also known as fruit and produced from the cashew apple. Get the information about cashew apples and cashew nuts also. 

What Is Cashew Apple?

The cashew apple is called cashew fruit, is the chubby and plump stem of the cashew fruit with cashew nut is attached. The top end of this fruit is attached to the branch that comes away from the tree. The bottom end of this fruit attaches to the cashew nut or seed, which is covered in a shell. The cashew nut is a fruit, and it produces from the fruit as well, which is considered a drupe (plump fruit).

The ripe cashew apple can be eaten fresh, cooked in curries, fermented into vinegar, and alcoholic. Cashews also used to make chutneys and jams in some countries such as India and Brazil. In many countries, the cashew apple is used to flavour drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic.

Cashew nuts are more broadly sold than cashew fruits because the fruit, unlike the nut, is easily damaged and has a minimum shelf life. Cashew apple juice, but also used for making mixed juices.

When this juice is consumed, the apple’s astringency is sometimes removes by heating it before five minutes of washing it in cold water. The plant is mainly grown as a decoration rather than an economic tree. Thus, the fruit is a luxury in nature and is eaten with salt.

Most of the Cashew Producing States In India

Goa is the most popular region for producing cashews. Feni, the most popular drink made from cashew nuts, is the most famous in Goa. It is widely loved by local citizens as well as foreign tourists. Large quantities of cashew nuts are grown in Goa.

After Goa, the cashew market is taken up in more than seven states of our country, mainly on the west and eastern coasts such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamilnadu and West Bengal. Cashew is also grown in limited or fewer amounts in Assam, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura.

To get more quality output, farmers look after their farms before ploughing and maintaining their productivity. But, as we know, cashew farming is more profitable. So farmers mainly prefer Mahindra Tractor to get more quality and productivity. 

Varieties Of Cashews 

There are 33 different categories of cashew nuts, but only 26 are available for people to buy. So here we are describing some top varieties from them. 

1. W-180

However, each cashew nut is considered cashew, but some are known to be better than others. The category W-180 is at the top of the list because this is the most comprehensive and most expensive range. The category of the cashew will tell you everything about the colouring, the size, and the pricing. The W-180 is mainly known as the King of cashews.

2. W-210

The W-210 is relatively more minor than the W-180. This category considers huge nuts and will also be quite expensive. The W-210 cashews are often known for their Jumbo size.

3. W-240

This category is the mid-grade of cashew, known as their standard size. 

These cashews are ordinarily seen in nut mixes. They are not so expensive and have a medium type price tag. A good thing about the W240 is that you will see the pricing of the cashews start to drop and be less expensive than the W-180 or W-240.

4. W-320

The W-320 is the most natural cashew nut to find and the most widely sold across the country. The W-320 gives more comfort to the people and makes the perfect balance between size and cost. 

The size is large enough, but its price makes them much more appealing to the general consumer.

Cultivation Of Cashews

It is a strong tropical plant and does not demand a particular climate. It can come up in places located within 35 latitudes. It can grow well in areas receiving rainfall from 50 cm to 250 cm and allow a temperature range of 25 C to 49 C. However, it requires sunny weather and does not tolerate extreme shade.

Cashew can grow on various soils in India like laterite, red and coastal sandy soil. In addition, to a limited range, it is also grown on black soils. 

You have to dig pits of 45x45x45 cm that are dug and filled with a mixture of topsoil. It would help if you planted it during June, July. In the case of seedlings, 45 days old seedlings are transplanted. For better planting and digging the holes, you must need better farm haulages and implements. For better plantation, you should attach your tool with Belarus Tractor. This tractor gives you better satisfaction and completely lives up to your expectations. 

We hope you like this information about cashew farming. For more information, stay connected with Tractor Guru. 

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