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Shirt Ironing Service:

When choosing an ironing company, it pays to decide somebody local who can be trusted to get the job done. Here at Dhobi London, we present an unbelievable Shirt Ironing Service alongside our broad range of products and services. We are able to understand the actuality that most city workers are frequently rushed off their feet and are pressed for time and our skilled ironing service provides an impeccable finish when there aren’t enough hours in the day.

We put forward on site or off site ironing, providing a dependable and responsive service that revolves about your timetable, allowing you to come home from work, holiday or day out to a full wardrobe of recently ironed items. Enjoy a little bit of weekly magic and put your feet up, not the ironing panel.

Professional pressers & shirt ironing experts:

Whether it is Shirt Ironing Service luxurious shirts or the kids’ school uniforms, our ironing service is modified and tailored to your preferences allowing us to contain your requests, meaning we will quite factually iron out the creases just as you like them. We will iron your shirts, trousers and dresses to your favored style and as the lot is ironed by the same skilled professional, if you choose to use our ironing company frequently, you can rest assured you will be pleased by the care and consideration paid to each item of your clothing.

Highly trained team:

Let’s face it; ironing is a task, something that most people would slightly put off until the last minute. Take benefit of our specialized ironing service and get your garments back as good as new.

Simply bring in your garments and household items and our knowledgeable, extremely trained team will hold your ironing with the greatest care and attention to detail. Please confirm that your garments are not too wet or scrunched up as we may have to re-wash or tumble dry your clothes and this will acquire an extra charge.

State of The Art Ironing Machines For A Neat Look:

Dhobi London has high-tech machinery which is used to iron all your shirts rightly and according to the peak standards. Our ironing machines are the most recent and are superlative for pressing all kinds of shirts and trousers. All the machines we utilize are of appropriate diameter which means you reimburse less and spend less time, giving your shirts the great crease.

Lowest Online Prices on Shirt Ironing In London:

We are not only pioneers in shirt ironing but also expert in trouser ironing at the cheapest online prices. We also iron and crease other washable items that need ironing and finishing. So if you are in search of a professional trouser and shirt ironing services, trust Dhobi London.

Pick Up & Drop-Off Service In London:

If you are busy with extra things in your life than why not benefit our free compilation and pick-up service. Simply drop your shirts & trousers at the shop and pick them up yourself according to your agenda. We gather and deliver to a broad region around London and its suburbs in Warwickshire.


We present a series of collection and delivery times to go with you, including mornings, evenings and Saturday mornings. If you like better to drop into the shop personally, our friendly workers will be on hand to assist you.

We always look for to iron your items within 24 hours but if you have exceptional preferences we can accommodate loads of requirements, equally for timings and if you like your garments to be ironed in a meticulous fashion.  Many people are looking only for a shirt ironing service near me, which we are contented to give but are pleased to iron all garments and household items. We are also bright to collect your dry-cleaning at the same time as your ironing, or immediately the dry-clean items you wish to send (least charge applies).

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