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It was not until the early 2000s that the digital age had furiously entered the race. Before that, people were used to the traditional ways of marketing, and it was a common practice. However, with time, various elements transformed. 

The world was facing a major digital shift, and society had mixed emotions. It became a blessing to some while a gruelling addition to the others. All of this was probably because everyone was struggling to acquaint themselves with the innovations, and mind you, it was not so easy. 

However, regardless of the hurdles, print did not give up. It kept striving until it finally succeeded. People started coming around, too, by learning the required skills. Hence, the power of print media triumphed. So, let us get the ball rolling and learn more about the thriving journey.

Measuring The Timeless Influence Of Print Media

As simple as its name suggests, print media is the physical publishing of information in various forms. It all began in China, with the printing of a book in 880 AD, and then the innovation continued. 

Years later, a press was made, and finally, the first newspaper came into being in 1770. Therefore, it is safe to say that print might have entered that chat late, but it is here to stay and longer than you think. Having said that, let us move on to the elements that are still keeping the Menu Printing Services relevant in this digital age. 

Questioning the relevance

There are tons of explanations for the applicability, brutal authority and prevalence of print media in today’s fast-moving world. Below are some arguments to prove this:

  • Argument No. 1 – Small Effort, Bigger Impact

This phrase is true for publishing media. You spend a little money on flyers, brochures, or billboards, and in return, they target a greater audience. You must be wondering how this is possible, so let us explain. 

Imagine yourself as a small business owner, and you get some BOGO coupons printed. You give them to all your clients. They become extremely happy and share the image of a free coupon with their friends. Now, those people who saw the photo should visit this place too. This is how, slowly but surely, the small effort leaves a big impact. Isn’t it cool to see how the practice connects people? 

  • Argument No. 2 – Attention-Grabbing Structure

The striking and flamboyant business cards and posters are a great example too. Believe it or not, appearance influences the audience. Think of it like a book. Compare the digital books with the store-bought ones. Which one is closer to your heart? 

Of course, the one that caught your eyes, then you scrolled your fingers over, felt the texture, smelled and finally, selected. Similarly, the catalogues become dearer to people because of their physical presence and arresting appearance. Additionally, such things help you recognize and remember the brand’s name for much longer. However, you might need the help of some professional Designing and Printing Services in Dubai for this. 

  • Argument No. 3 – Massive in Believability 

Let us talk about how they are so easily reliable. Primarily, their tangibility gives them the edge of benefit. Published media are something that you can create a peculiar connection with, so eventually, the trust builds. Secondly, you would never think they are fake because a lot of hard work goes into their making and printing.

Hence, by nature, they come out legitimate to the on-lookers. Apart from this, they provide visual information that can be used as proof against them in case of fraud. Moreover, the images and reviews added there help generate credibility over time. You cannot force your client into it overnight. Thus, it is a slow process but worth every bit. 

  • Argument No. 4 – Support Brand Development

Finally, yet importantly, the benefit that these print media bring to the corporate realm is beyond your imagination. It fuels others to make the same effort and witness the advantages. For example, the phenomenon of target marketing through direct mail or flyers. A company could only send mail invites to the managers or distribute flyers in a specific topographical region. 

As a result, businesses can create brand awareness among people very smoothly and quickly. You may also use flashy business cards prepared by any Designing Services. It will help you make a place in customers’ cognizance by playing around with brand-themed colours on the print media. 

Types of Media and Their Application

Brochures/Flyers For brief information about the offerings of a business.
CataloguesUsed to educate about the products and services in detail.
Business cardsStaple way of giving communication details and acts as a gentle reminder.
BillboardsCapable of transmitting any information at a faster pace.
Direct mailsHelps target specific individuals in marketing. Also beneficial for invitations. 
PostersWorks effectively for announcements to a larger target group. 
NewslettersFor in-depth information to the audience, both in and out of the company.
TestimonialsUsed as a paid placement to establish client trust in the business.

Q1 – Is the publishing media more effective?

It is a debatable topic, but it cannot be denied that people feel a personal connection with published media. The essence of flipping pages and having physical proof makes it a nice memory to cherish for a lifetime.  

Q2 – Why do people still choose print in this era?

People are obsessed with the fact that something on a piece of paper has a more long-term life than a digital one. Moreover, reading is easier this way, and it tends to stick to the reader’s mind through eidetic retention. 

Q3 – Which is the more expensive one?

For a fact, electronic media is cheaper than the published. All the costs that are included in the maintenance of printing and then managing it are more than the usual hassle with computer-generated stuff. 

Q4 – Are there any drawbacks to print media?

If we look closely, it does have a few setbacks, such as:

  • Inability to reach the global audience
  • Comprised of a lengthy process
  • Fierce competition to earn its place
  • More expensive than alternatives

The Final Words

What do you prefer? The smooth texture of freshly printed paper with the inevitable smell or a swiping through a screen. If you are a deep soul, then you will know how rich and authentic this feeling is. It is matchless if you ask us. Nothing can replace the satisfaction of turning pages!

However, there can be a meeting ground between both of these practices, and that would be extraordinary. The most significant and common example of this merger is QR scanning codes. They can be useful for integrating the two realms with just a tap. 

For instance, a code on your pack of chips that leads directly to the social media page of the company. Alternatively, it could also be an offer that says to scan the QR code for a discount. The possibilities are endless and truly exceptional. So, dig in and get privileged by the best of both worlds!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.