Plagiarism Issues in Assignments

You must have listened from your teacher once in a life that ‘in case of plagiarism, you will get straight zero in your assignment! Have you? Teachers all over the world want original content in their assignments based on their personal efforts. 

Every student must learn how to write a non-plagiarized assignment. Before going to learn that, students should know what plagiarism actually is.

What does this term ‘Plagiarism’ Mean?

When you copy or poorly paraphrase someone else’s words in your content without attributing or give reference to the real author, it is termed as plagiarized work. In any type of writing, originality is valued the most, and plagiarism is considered a crime. When you buy an assignment UK-based from a reliable platform, they assure you plagiarism-free content.

Anyone who has a copyright of his written discourse can take legal action against you if you have stolen even a single word from his writing.

How to Identify Plagiarism in Your Assignment?

There are several types of plagiarism that can help you understand the severity of plagiarism and help you avoid it in assignments. Some of the major types are as follows.

Direct Plagiarism

When you copy a section from an external source or copy a particular part of an essay written by another person without giving the reference of a source, wanting to give an impression as if these are your own words, then it is called direct plagiarism. 

Inaccurate Authorship

This type of plagiarism occurs when you give the wrong credit. This means you have quoted someone’s statement and credit some other person for the words. You have completely changed the authorship so it will be considered plagiarism. 

Complete Plagiarism

When you put forward an entire work, done by another person, with your name, it is termed complete plagiarism. It is the most severe form of plagiarism that is strictly forbidden and the person who is found guilty of complete plagiarism is punished critically.

Source-based Plagiarism

Source-based plagiarism takes place when you cite an incorrect source. For example, while using a link, you have included a URL having a mistake in it that is not allowing the reader to reach the website. This will lead you to source-based plagiarism. 

Similarly, if you have cited a book with a page number but the book is unfindable or the page number is incorrect then it will also come under Source-based plagiarism.

Auto Plagiarism

This plagiarism is marked in your writing when you use similar ideas, sentences, or paragraphs that you have previously written in another piece of writing. Sometimes it happens unintentionally and sometimes it is completely intentional. 

Accidental Plagiarism

The name shows that this plagiarism is not intentional. It may possible that you have formed a sentence with your own mind but the sentence already exists somewhere else, then it could mark your content as plagiarized. 

Also, the use of metaphors, phrases, similes, and famous verses is sometimes marked as plagiarism. This type of plagiarism is so annoying because you have you change or paraphrase your original words to make your writing plagiarism-free. 

Some Easy Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism is not a difficult task. It takes a little more effort to make your assignments completely non-plagiarized. There are several tricks to write plagiarism-free content. Some of the easiest ways are discussed below:

Don’t Delay your Assignments

A delay in doing assignments makes students lazy. The more lately they start their assignment, the greater chances of plagiarism it will reserve. The reason is that, when the students waste their valuable time in useless activities which they could consume in researching and writing their assignment, it leads them towards the deadline. 

As the deadline approaches, they are left with no time to complete their assignments and that’s why they try to copy others’ work from the internet.

Do your Research with Passion

Make vigorous research to write your assignment. Carry out Excessive reading. This will provoke your thoughts and generate several creative ideas that will help you write a non-plagiarized assignment with original words and concepts.

Include Personal Ideas

Plagiarism can also be avoided by using unique perceptions. Your course books can help you in this regard. Try to add your personal ideas and opinions in your assignment by: 

  • thinking out of the box
  • knock the door of your brain cells
  • find your own intellectual approach 

Learn Upright Paraphrasing

During your research, if you have found a potential idea that you want to add in your content or if it is factual information that can’t be changed, and also it cannot be cited because of an unknown author so you may use paraphrasing. 

Remember that premium checkers can detect the weakly paraphrased content too. You must make sure that you have exceptional paraphrasing skills that cannot be detected or termed as plagiarism in any means.

Include Quotation Marks and Cite Properly

You can quote someone else’s words as it is but in such a case you must credit the real author with proper citation. Use quotation marks while writing another person’s words. Also, you must be aware of the referencing styles to cite accurately.

Take Experts Help

You may take online assistance to write non-plagiarized content. If a student thinks “I should hire a professional writer who can write my assignment UK based so it would be fairly fine. Writing experts know to compose well-structured plagiarism-free content that can satisfy both students and their teachers. 

Use a Robust Plagiarism Checker

This would be a good option to use a robust plagiarism checker to avoid the accusation of writing a plagiarized content. Even if you haven’t copied a single word from any external source, still a check for plagiarism with robust plagiarism checking software is a must for the safe side. Also, if you have to get your assignment done by the experts, yet you should check plagiarism for final confirmation.


Hoping that the above-mentioned guidelines and solutions can help you write a unique and plagiarism-free assignment that may please your teacher and lead you to get good grades in your academics. 

By Anurag Rathod

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