Permanent Makeup Trends

Permanent makeup is a great way to enhance your beauty. People love the chance to wake up with perfectly shaped, waterproof eyebrows, lipstick that doesn’t smudge, and eyeliner on point. It is also a perfect way to camouflage scars and all the imperfections. 

Here are the treatments that will be very popular in 2022. 

Lip Tattoo for Perfect Lips

Lip tattoo, better known as lip blush, is done with a tattoo machine and pigments of natural origin. The pigments are placed beneath the surface layer of the skin of the lips. You can choose your favorite lip shade and have it all the time. Your lips will appear fuller and more even, with your favorite shade that won’t come off for months. 

This treatment is not only perfect for people who just want to enhance the look of their lips. This is done to cover up scars, to even the lips, or even for dark lip neutralization. 

Is  Microblading Still Number 1?

When it comes to eyebrows, microblading has been the most popular treatment for years and it won’t leave the throne any time soon. Microblading eyebrows is done with a hand tool that creates natural-looking hair strokes. Eyebrows look like your own, but fuller, enhanced. 

Microblading is done with permanent makeup pigments, which you can find at PhiBrows USA. They are not inserted as deep as the ink when the traditional tattoos are done. This means that they will start fading after some time. So, yes, microblading is not permanent. This is a great thing because you can change the style of your brows if the trend changes, as it always does. 

Powder Brows for Those who Want Something Different

For those who prefer a makeup look to hair stroke eyebrows, powder brows may be a better option. They are more suitable for people with oily skin. 

Powder brows are done with a machine that inserts the pigments and makes pixelated, powdery eyebrow look. Another very popular technique is ombre powder brows, where the tail is darker than the head of the brow. Makeup lovers adore this eyebrow style. 

And Some Variations

If you like both microblading and powder brows – why not get them both. Yes, combo brows are a thing. They combine microblading and microshading, or powder brows, and the result is hair-stroke eyebrows with a bit of a shade. They look just like your natural eyebrows when you fill them in with a pencil. Awesome, isn’t it?

Make That Eyeliner Permanent

If you are tired of applying your eyeliner every morning, trying to make the wings even, we have good news for you – permanent eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner nowadays is more sophisticated – it is done with pigments, not tattoo ink. That way, it looks more natural, and it doesn’t last forever. It starts fading after a year or two, so you can refresh the color if you want to prolong the effect. If you get tired of it, you can let it fade. 

Permanent eyeliner makes your eyes pop and it won’t smudge when you wash your face. You always look perfect – when you swim or exercise, your makeup is on. This treatment is going to be even more popular in 2022. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is Getting More Popular

Men (and women) who suffer from hair loss have found a perfect solution for covering up a receding hairline and balding spots and adding density to the hair. Scalp micropigmentation resembles traditional tattooing, but again, pigments are not inserted as deep, so it gives more natural results.

The most important thing when you are choosing to do a scalp micropigmentation is to find a skilled, experienced, and certified SMP artist. That way you will avoid potential risks and side effects and get the most natural results that can last even up to 10 years. 

Is Freckle Tattoo Still a Thing?

This treatment is quite controversial and should be performed only by a skilled and experienced artist. The trend of the freckled face is still popular, and getting semi-permanent freckles that won’t come off when you wash your face is quite popular. 

Freckle tattoo is done by making small incisions in the skin and filling them with pigment. If the artist is not skilled enough, the incisions may be too deep and there is a risk of scarring. Also, they need to fade to some extent to look natural. 


Permanent makeup nowadays is more advanced, improved, and sophisticated – nothing like the old tattoos popular in the 90s that get the bluish shade once they start fading. All of these treatments give very realistic and natural effects, so you can’t even tell whether someone has had a PMU treatment or not. 

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