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Penetration Testing Services is a keystone of any robust security system. These exercises are utilized to validate that all internal applications, computer controls and configuration settings are functioning as expected, detect vulnerabilities in preventative and detective controls and internal monitoring systems, and gain a practical knowledge of exposures that can be or have been encountered in the course of business operations. A Penetration Testing (P) can reveal many issues, ranging from simple software defects to the hidden side effects of poorly written code. Additionally, during an examination, it is important for testers to determine the correlation between exploited software and their corresponding exploits. While some companies employ P Testing as a stand-alone tool, many companies integrate P Testing into their overall security strategy.

Primary Objective

The primary objective of Penetration Testing Services is to prevent and resolve software vulnerabilities before the compromises are made public. An examination can be categorized into one of two primary categories: manual or automated. Manual penetrations occur when a tester manually identifies and searches for vulnerabilities. While this type of testing can be successful, the time required to perform such tests may be too long for an employer to reasonably expect to have a full view of the security controls being employed. Further, such tests can reveal only those vulnerabilities that the employee is able to access or control.

Automated penetration testing services run a continuous series of checks against real-world networks, on a regular schedule. Each vulnerability is verified based upon specific parameters. When vulnerabilities are detected, the corresponding fixes are applied immediately. Since these checks run in real-time, results are often more accurate than manual scans. Furthermore, automated tests do not require a great deal of manual labor, as they run quickly and can be conducted continuously. This saves a company substantial amounts of time that would have been spent conducting manual scans.

Prevent Attacks

In addition to preventing and fixing vulnerabilities, Penetration Testing Services can also detect and prevent attacks on your network. A number of means can accomplish this. One way is to implement policies related to the installation of software from known good sources. By enforcing policies related to purchasing software from well-known sources, you can significantly reduce the risk of attackers purchasing and distributing viruses or other threats that can penetrate your network.

Additionally, Penetration Testing Services can simulate real-world attacks on network infrastructure. For example, rapid’s pen-testing services can simulate a variety of common web-based attacks on the network infrastructure. Examples of such attacks include denial of service, database corruption, system failure, and even a denial of access to the Internet itself. Rapid7’spen testing services can identify different characteristics of each of these attacks, including source IP addresses and domain names. Based upon these and other variables, a competent Penetration Testing Service can analyze a network and develop a custom application to mitigate the threats posed by the attacks.

The final objective of Penetration Testing Services is to exploit any vulnerabilities in the system and prevent them from being exploited. For example, a penetration testing services firm may exploit a weakness by creating a fake e-mail attachment that appears to be sent from an Outlook e-mail account. The attachment would then be delivered to the targeted organization’s server, exposing the vulnerability and allowing the attacker to gain access to the organization’s internal network. If an organization’s security program is configured to stop fake e-mails before they are delivered to the server, it could prevent these types of intrusions from taking place.


In a nutshell, professional penetration testers to test a system’s robustness against specific types of security flaws perform Penetration Testing Services. Some Penetration Testing Services focuses only on uncovering security vulnerabilities of software programs while many Penetration Testing Services provides complete security audits to identify and fix vulnerabilities in web applications. Some Penetration Testing Services are also known to provide software-testing services to find and fix other vulnerabilities too, which would be a prerequisite for a successful web application security audit. Web application security testing is becoming increasingly popular these days because of its ability to detect and remove a number of web-based vulnerabilities, which can lead to infiltration and even modification into an organization’s internal system. These vulnerabilities may enable an attacker to gain control over the internal network of an enterprise or system, and in turn gain access to sensitive information or data, which is stored on the servers of the organization.

Penetration Testing Company

A good Penetration Testing Services company will have comprehensive staff, which includes knowledgeable and experienced professionals who possess advanced technical skills. The Penetration Testing Services team will also consist of highly skilled and trained security controls specialists who are proficient in identifying and implementing effective security controls. The majority of Penetration Testing Services companies ensure that their testers possess a thorough knowledge of all the basic requirements needed to successfully test a web application. In addition to this basic requirement, most Penetration Testing Services companies also require the online penetration tester to have a comprehensive set of qualification, which includes at least five years of experience in network security controls.

Once you contact a Penetration Testing Services company for a detailed project proposal, the Penetration Testing Services consultant will perform a series of vulnerability scans on the application to check whether the application meets the required standards for a secure web application. The consultant will also evaluate the security controls in place to assess any known vulnerabilities. Based on the pre-established guidelines, the Penetration Testing Services Company will develop an effective compromise control plan. Once the vulnerability scan has been performed and all known vulnerabilities have been identified, the Penetration Testing Services consultant will then create a custom-made patch to address the vulnerability. Once the patch has been created, the patch will be deployed for the application and it will be updated whenever patches for new vulnerabilities are pushed through the various security controls of the enterprise.

Goal for Penetration Testing

The main objective of performing a Penetration Testing Services is to find out the areas that may be vulnerable to security risks and to determine whether or not these areas can be improved to make the web application secure. These tests are conducted to help in improving the overall security of an enterprise. Depending upon the requirements of the client, a web application security test might include an online session where the security testers will simulate a malicious attack against the application in order to identify areas that could be weak and therefore vulnerable to attacks. The Penetration Testing Services Company may also perform a manual web security test to identify the security weaknesses in the application and then improve the security controls by fixing these problems. The ultimate objective of the testing security services is to help in determining the overall cost effectiveness of the web application security test.

The Penetration Testing Services companies perform vulnerability scans monthly to detect any flaws that might be exploited by the hackers. They also analyze the various vulnerabilities found during the scanning and suggest any changes that need to be made to the web application. By outsourcing the penetration testing security system services, the organization can save a lot of time and money, which would have been spent on designing and developing the new software in house. A professional Penetration Testing Services company can help in designing the software and its implementation, while saving considerable amount of money.

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