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Certainly, the affidavit is required; but it has lesser value than that of the applicant’s own sworn statement. This statement is also known as a single status affidavit. 

However, some countries like India do not require any bachelorhood certificate unless ones raise a request. But, NRIs may have to have it for proving that he or she is single in terms of matrimony. In that case of need, there are some ways to get it.  

Here, the first noteworthy thing is to keep all documents arranged and up with you while applying for the single status proof. Here in this post, you would know more about this single status certificate. So, keep reading it. 

Should You Have Parents’ Affidavit?

This is what this post is all about. You should have it, which is a requirement. But if you don’t have it or your parents won’t provide it, you still have a chance to get this proof. The substantial thing is your own affidavit. If it’s there, you have all chances to apply for solemnizing marriage with a foreign native abroad. 

As per the views of multiple solicitors and legal matter experts, mere declaration through self-affidavit is sufficient. You may solemnize marriage anywhere upon getting and submitting it to the embassy of your own and that country. However, the length of your application processing is crucial. It may take a month or more because the district magistrate or Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) will attest it first. Then, it is counter-attested by the state HRD and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) respectively. 

What is a Single Status Affidavit?

It is actually legalized proof of an individual’s singlehood. The A-Grade Gazette officer may issue it on being requested. Then, a discreet inquiry would be made by the revenue inspector together with the local civil administration. If they find the sworn statement true during verification, you would get it in a few days. It is drafted in this manner:

Single Status Affidavit Sample“I hereby confirm that I have a valid Indian Passport bearing XXXXXXXXXX as my passport number, which is issued in Delhi and is valid from the date of issue DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. I say that I am single/divorced/widowed, and I have no living spouse or dependent at present either in India or abroad.”
Date: Signature:  

This verification may be challenging if you don’t have enough proof of your birth, address, nationality, and parents’ affidavit. However, the parents’ sworn statement may not be necessary if your own documents are found authentic and valid. 

What Document Do You Need to Verify?

All of these documents are must-haves for proving that the person is actually single and hence, can marry anyone. 

  • A valid nationality card or voter ID or passport 
  • The birth certificate or school certificate or equivalent proof
  • Affidavit of Parents/Relatives, which confirms that the applicant has a blood relationship with them.
  • Affidavit of the applicant, stating the current status (bachelor/ separated/divorced/widowed) 
  • Decree in case the person is a divorcee
  • Death certificate in case the person is widowed

Legalisation is Must

You can skip the legalisation process, which is compulsory to make it universally acceptable. The applicant must acknowledge from where it should be counter-attested once issued. 

As it’s with you, visit the state civil authority. It can be the Human Resource Ministry or City Office where you need to visit and get it legalized. This service is payable, which means you have to pay some amount. Certainly, it’s affordable. The authority will charge for the attestation, photocopy, and courier services only. 

The last stage attestation is crucial, which a layman cannot apply for by himself. This time, you need support from a solicitor or foreign matter consultant. He should be an authorized agent that is authentic and trustworthy. You may find such experts on the official website of your country’s embassy. 

Hire any of these consultants to get your bachelorhood proof. His services certainly won’t come for free. Just confirm their fees and payout accordingly. 

How Much Does It Take to Get It?

This is actually not easy unless your proofs are all valid and the application is error-free. For this purpose, you need to take suggestions or advice from a matter expert. 

Anyway, this whole procedure may be a month-long. If you apply through your embassy, this may be a fortnight or month-long exercise. 

This is how you can easily get your paper and apply for marriage in the church abroad. 


Having your parents’ affidavit is not compulsory if the applicant has his or her own affidavit. It is issued upon verifying the proofs of your birth, address, and nativity. So, it’s essential to provide authentic proof for getting your single status certificate attested, which is actually issued as an affidavit.

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