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Online learning is certainly the future of education. However, it comes with its own set of concerns. Read the article and find out ways to overcome these problems.

In our ever-changing world, new methods and modes for learning and teaching are being continuously introduced and adopted. With the rise of COVID-19, students worldwide were forced to switch from in-person to online learning. Consequently, problems regarding online tutoring became a rising concern for students, parents and teachers. While parents only worried about the risks associated with online learning, students, on the other hand, became the first-hand victims of a newly introduced system that was failing to provide them with the same learning experience as their classrooms.

Similarly, after-school classes and tuition centers also embraced the new approach. They introduced many online assistance programs which were aimed at helping the students with their daily academic work. However, these online tuition programs were met with the same set of challenges and trials.

Online tutoring problems included; an increased sense of isolation within the students, lack of motivation and appetite for learning, inconvenience for non-tech savvy parents, wastage of time and resources, and a lack of real-life experience. Fortunately, no problem comes without a possible solution. There are certainly ways in which these problems associated with online tutoring can be avoided and eliminated.

Effective Solutions

Overcoming online tutoring problems might seem like a challenge; however, parents and students can avoid a range of bad online tutoring experiences with the right amount of research.

1.  Selection of a Legitimate Online Tutoring Platform

To eliminate the chances of facing problems with online tutoring, there are certain factors that students and parents should keep in mind before selecting any online tutoring platform, such as; its credibility. With millions of students from all over the world turning towards the mode of online tutoring, the door of opportunity for fraudulent online tutoring companies has also opened like never before. Nevertheless, with the advanced and transparent verification systems, identifying legitimate online tutors has become significantly quicker and easier. Therefore, one of the most effective solutions in overcoming problems associated with online tutoring is to do thorough research and pick the most sound online tutoring platforms.

2. Free Trials

After jotting down some well-founded online tutoring companies, the next step into overcoming these problems is to pick the one that provides you with the luxury of free trials. This way, if a student is not satisfied with the online learning experience, they can easily opt out without spending unnecessary money.

3. One-on-One Sessions

It is also essential to go for an online tutoring platform that provides one-on-one sessions. While it is true that online learning can instill a sense of isolation into the students, however, having a one-on-one learning session with the instructor can provide the student with a better sense of engagement and involvement. These sessions also give the instructor a better insight into the student’s learning needs, capacity and ability.

With this kind of information, an instructor can alter and customize their teaching approach and methodology to better fit the individual needs and requirements of the student. This personalized and tailored approach to teaching in online tutoring can enhance a student’s learning experience, boost their confidence, and positively impact their grades.

4. Flexible Timings

Another factor to consider is the flexibility of time. Online tuition in London meant to make the parents and the students’ life easier. Strict and inconvenient timings can play a role in generating more problems rather than eradicating them. Therefore, choosing a tutoring program that provides the freedom of time management and flexibility can be helpful to both students and parents.

5. Expert Instructors

With the rising academic competition, it is also crucial for parents to choose the online tuition company that has the most expert teaching faculty. Being taught by the experts of the field can also aid in overcoming online tutoring problems. With more expertise, teachers can better guide and cope with the possible problems expected to arise in online classes.

6. After-Class Activities

Online tutoring companies that have expert teachers are also more likely to keep the motivation level of the students on the rise. Therefore, it is vital to go for an online tuition center that involves academic sessions and provides the students with off-hours activities to keep them engaged and connected.

7. Assessments 

Online tutoring companies focused on assessment-based learning have a better outcome and significantly higher chances of producing A+ results. Most online tutoring platforms are not concerned with assessments or testing the pupils’ knowledge prior to assigning them to the appropriate learning program. Therefore, it is important to pick an online tutoring company that provides the student with an assessment before enrollment to plan and modify their teaching levels and methods according to the needs and requirements of the student.

8. User-Friendly Technology

Another solution to online tutoring problems may include a tutoring company that uses user-friendly technologies, to teach the students and communicate with the parents. Often, the excess use and incorporation of technology into our daily lives can overwhelm some parents and students to the point where they all together reject the idea of online tutoring. So, to keep things simple, going for an online tutoring company with an easy operating system can save both time and energy.

9. Cost-Friendly

Online tutoring might be becoming the new norm, with its rising popularity, more options than ever are now available in the market. With more choices, people now have the liberty to look around and pick the most cost-friendly online tutoring option without compromising on the quality of education and learning experience. Currently, there are many options available that provide the best learning experience to the students and save tons of your money.

10. Supportive Faculty

Lastly, one of the most important factors to keep in mind to overcome online tutoring problems is selecting an online tutoring company with the most supportive staff and faculty. The presence of a cooperative and helpful staff can eliminate the problems people usually face in online tutoring to a great extent. Their supportive assistance can make the whole learning experience rewarding for the students, and easy for the parents.

To cut a long story short, we know it can be an overwhelming process to pick any online tutoring company, considering the number of options available in the market. However, with these practical solutions, you are sure to land a good tutoring platform that will support students’ learning and make the parents’ life easier.

By Anurag Rathod

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