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From time to time, people have claimed that they can’t buy new tires due to financial constraints and the heft price tag – even when the worn-out off-road wheels and tires are compromising the vehicle’s optimum performance and safety. Are you going through a similar dilemma while planning to buy a tire?

It’s no mystery that buying the best off road tires and/or wheels may involve a substantial financial investment. In the past few years, there’s been an exponential increase in tire sale prices.

Now you may need to spend between $800 – $1000 to purchase and install a brand new set of tires.

However, many tire purchasers fail to understand that you don’t require to pay the entire amount upfront.

You can buy quality, safe, best off road wheels and tires for your vehicle through various tire financing options. Yes, you read that right. Just like cars, tires and wheels also have financing options.

You can afford to purchase brand new off road tires, even if you have poor credit.

How? We’ll discuss all the options to finance off road wheels and tires and buy them at affordable rates.

You cannot afford to jeopardize your safety by postponing your tire purchase plans, Just because they’re expensive. It is never recommended to drive on unsafe tires.

At the National tire and wheel online store, you can explore various tire financing options, so you don’t need to have a compromise when it comes to your vehicle’s optimum safety and performance.

Go For Plus Sizing For Availing Special Discounts

Plus sizing involves changing both your off road wheels and tires at the same time. You can choose larger diameter alloy wheels and low profile off-road tires to enhance performance, handling, and the look of the vehicle.

Look out for off road tires for sale to save big bucks.

How Can You Avail Tire Financing?

The easiest and popular choice for off road wheels and tires financing is generally through the tire dealer/store.

At renowned online tire stores like the National tire and wheel, you can find various tire payment plans from different providers that spread your entire amount over a specific period of time.

However, when choosing a tire financing plan, ensure you completely understand all the details, terms, and conditions.

Have a proper understanding of the APR, any hidden or additional charges, if you can make an early payment and save or if there are any late fees involved.

Knowing all these details can help you prevent opting for a finance plan that doesn’t actually benefit you in the long run.

In this post, we’ll discuss all the off-road tire financing options and guide you to the correct choice for you.

Can You Avail Tire Financing Without Any Credit?

Regardless of the fact if you have good, bad, or no credit– you can find financing options for each kind of customer on the market.

The primary distinction is that if you lack credit, you might need to lease the tires rather than purchase them. You can still install your new tires on your vehicle immediately after your purchase and get delivery.

You need to make easy payments based on your salary or income timing, and generally, there are no late fees involved. Based on your pay schedule and financial independence, you can choose to make it monthly or bi-monthly.

Here is the list of the most common tire financing options.


Affirm offers simple credit translation plans. You can purchase the best off road tires online and then distribute the total purchase cost over 3 months-12 months for purchases amounting up to $999 and up to 18 months for purchases amounting to over $1000.

You can file an application to obtain Affirm tires financial services online to check your eligibility. With some leading online tire stores, you can choose the tires you want to purchase and select “Affirm” at checkout. 

Checking your eligibility for Affirm financial services won’t affect your credit score. You can find out easily if you’re eligible, and you can also know what kind of APR the company can provide you (between 10% – 30%).

Following are the distinct features of Affirm tire financing:

  • The simple and easy application process
  • Everything is transparent, without any hidden fees
  • No applicable late fees
  • Flexible finance period offering you the liberty to choose.
  • The rate is calculated on simple interest, not compound interest, which other credit cards financing follows.


PayPal Credit Financing

With PayPal Credit financing, you have two options:

  • You can choose your existing PayPal Credit line,
  • You can apply at checkout after selecting your off road wheels and tires. 

Most leading online tire stores offer PayPal Credit financing options. The minimum purchase amount should be $99 to avail PayPal credit facility. You can then pay off the purchase amount over time. You can even avail of PayPal credit for 6 months of special financing.

To get eligible for PayPal’s credit financing, you can either apply at checkout or online ahead of time.

Following are the distinct features of PayPal Credit tire financing:

  • Quick and easy application process
  • Reusable credit line
  • No need to pay any annual fee
  • You won’t be charged any interest you pay the total amount in 6 months ( minimum monthly payments is necessary)


With Acima’s lease-purchase program, you can choose the best off road wheels and tires you prefer and purchase them instantly. You don’t need to make any big upfront down payment or a long-term commitment.

  • To need the following to avail Acima Financing services:
  • You should be 18 years of age or older.
  • Should have an active checking account with a minimum of $1000 of income per month.
  • Your current income source and past three months of income history.
  • Must possess a government-issued photo ID, an SSN, or ITIN.

If you have the required skills, excellent! You can fill out the application form, get your financing pre-approved, and you’ll get to know within seconds if your tire purchase is approved!


With leading tire financing services, you can buy tires that suit your vehicle, and your driving needs to keep everyone safe.

Don’t allow financial constraints to prevent you from installing your vehicle with the best off road wheels and tires it deserves.

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