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7 ways to make money on your blog with advertising

7 ways to make money on your blog with advertising

A blog is something where you can produce content on your website and you can earn money in a blog through advertising. You can make money using the blog in different ways. One of the techniques is to make money through advertising. Advertising is increasing day by day. So you can add Google ads and some other ads on your website to make money. Google Ads are one of the most popular ads to advertise and get money. You can make money by creating blogs and monetizing them through ads.

There are two types of ads. One is CPC means cost per click. In this technique, ads will be displayed on your website and if anyone clicks on the ads you will get paid for that. The other one is CPM Ads. In this type of ad, you will get paid after a certain number of views. It restricts you from getting paid. It pays only when you have their targeted views. So these are two different types. One is of restriction and the other is of no restriction.

You can use both types of ads for your blog and you can start getting paid. There are different website marketing strategy available to make money on your blog with advertising. Here we will explain all types of advertising strategies to make money on your blog.

1.   PPC [pay per click]:

The first and the best technique to make money with your blog is pay-per-click advertising. It is also known as CPC [Cost per click] Ad. In this type of advertisement, you will be paid for ads. When someone clicks on your ads then you will be get paid. Usually, PPC ads are displayed at the side of your content. If users click on it, then you can get money. Here business owners use PPC techniques to market their products. Here you will be as a meditator who helps them to market their products on your blog. For this, you will get paid.

 If any user clicks on that link and makes a purchase of their product then both you and business owners can be benefitted. In this way, they market their products and you promote their products on your blog and you will get paid for that. This is an amazing technique used by many people to earn money through blogs.If you are a beginner then you must satisfy their requirements. Their requirements may be about your audience. They tell you to have the exact number of people visiting your site. You can have an exact number or more than that.

2.   Paid Reviews:

Paid reviews are another type of way to earn money from blogs. If your website has decent traffic and ratings then you can use this technique to get paid for your blog. Here in this technique, you offer your audience to pay to review your articles. Of course, if your website has the best ranking then only it is possible. Otherwise, if you are a beginner and if you are starting now, then this may not be the best technique for you to get money. Because if you don’t have more traffic and if you don’t have a good google ranking to get paid reviews.

Then of course people will not show interest in paid reviews for your website. If you have a good ranking, then this is the best way for you to earn money through your blog. So be aware before using CRM strategy. Otherwise, you will be at the loss of your audience.

3.   Pop up ads:

This is also one of the techniques to get paid through your blog. Many people don’t like to pop up ads because they don’t generate that much money when compared to others.  You can set your price below your pop-up ad and you can get paid. If you are a beginner then you can use this technique to generate money. Even though it gives low money, as a beginner it is the best option for you. If you think of money then you can lose this opportunity.

Once you are starting using this technique. And after that when you get more traffic then target high-paying ads. This is the way to get paid through blogs. You can’t get money overnight by starting a blog. You have to wait for it. Produce engaging content and drag more audience to your website.

4.   CPM Ads:

After CPC ads, the most popular ads are CPM ads. In these ads, it pays up to a restricted number of users. It starts paying you money for 1000 clicks. This doesn’t generate more money for you. But CPC can generate more money because it pays you for one click. But this is not the case with CPM ads. CPM ads are 1000 times less than CPC ads because it starts paying for 1000 ads.

 So if you are a beginner then choose CPM and pop-up ads. This is the best way of using blogs for making money. Use CPC ads when having more traffic. This can help you in paying better. Using all these types of CPM ads can help you in making money through your blogs. Making money through blogs is helpful when having more traffic and a more engaging audience. There are also some restrictions to make money through money. It accepts you when you have a particular audience. If you have less than that then you can’t get paid from advertisements through blogging.

There are popular CPM networks that you can use to make money. Some of them are pulse point and many more. Using these CPM networks can help you in getting paid through ads from your blog. Use CPM networks for your growth in blogging. Get money from ads through different networks. Use pulse point. It can help you in getting paid through ads from your blogging.

5.   Selling text links:

The next type of method to make money through your blog is selling text links. Selling text links is the best technique in making money through your blogging. If you have a great number of traffic then you can use this technique. And if you are a beginner you can’t use this technique. Here you will link a text to follow on another website. By using this you can get paid.

Google doesn’t allow some of the links. So go through the guidelines of Google before linking these texts. There are different text link websites. Do the research and find out which one suits best you. This can help you in getting paid more. Before starting this method, just check once about community guidelines. Don’t do this technique without checking. This can make a loss for you if you didn’t know about the guidelines.

6.   Selling Ads:

Selling Ads on your blogs is another technique to make money. Selling direct ads can help you in getting paid. If you don’t know how to do this then you can use other websites. You should research websites which provide s these type of selling ads. Basically, in this technique, you sell ads and get money. There are so many websites to do this type of selling ads.

You have to add some of the icons on your website to get started using this. Buy-sell Ads, Blog ads are some of the websites which help you in selling ads. You can use these websites and start selling ads on your website.

7.   Google Ads:

The other technique which you can use to make money on your blog is Google Ads. Google ads can help you make money. By using Google ads you can get paid. Business owners need to market their products through Google ads. You can also use direct selling ads to make money through blogging. This requires a high ranking on Google and more traffic.

If you are a beginner then you can’t use these types of techniques for your blog. Your first target should be producing high-quality content and dragging more traffic to your website. Then only you can get paid for ads. If you don’t have a targeted audience then you can’t get paid for it. So first increase traffic to your website then only you can make money through blogging.

Blogging is something that requires an audience. So having a high-quality audience can help you in getting paid. Using these above advertisements can help you in getting paid. By using these ads you can make money. Use the ads that suit you the best. If you are a beginner then pop-up ads and CPM Ads can help you in getting paid. If you have more traffic then you should use PPC or direct selling ads techniques to get paid for your blogging. Use the above ones and get paid for your blogging. By using several inbound and content marketing strategy, you can make money from your website through blogging. Your intent should be the audience.

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