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Welcome to Your First Side Hustle

John D. Rockefeller once said that a man with too many hours in the day has too few dollars in his pocket. Many of us spend time coming up with schemes to make more money, or on the contrary, sit around and complain that we never have enough, but rarely does anyone take the plunge and do something about their fiscal deficits. And if they do, the decision is often something drastic.

But you don’t have to change your employment or even get off the couch if you want to make a pretty solid living these days. One of the upsides of the forced quarantines imposed by many global governments is it gave the innovative and ambitious amongst us a kick in the pants to take the next step toward financial solvency. And most of this was in the form of what is commonly known as “side hustles”, great for making money easy.

The reality of a quality side hustle, though, is lost on the uninformed. Many people believe that you have to dump a huge cash investment into any business to get it off the ground. This is not true. You can do many side hustles on the cheap, and sometimes even free. But your goal must be making money, investing back in, and always pushing forward. It’s the difference between playing free slots on your phone and playing jojos valendo dinheiro de verdade for real money. Time for making money right now!

Your Perfect Side Hustle

Play to your strengths. If you are fit, become an online personal trainer. If you are a piano aficionado, teach others how to play. If you are in love with food, you can make a cooking blog. There is a world of possibilities. You just need to find yours. And to help, we have a few that might get those creative juices flowing and inspire your first hustle for money-making right now:

1.              Rideshare Driver

Drive your vehicle for Uber or Lyft. The money is great, the stream of customers is constant (depending on your area), and as long as your car is clean and you are friendly, your rating will be your best personal marketing technique. 

2.              Delivery Drive

Amazon is becoming more and more popular and there are not enough drivers to deliver all their packages. You can deliver for them using your vehicle. This is great if you want to meet people, make money, and get out of the house. Not a good way to make money easy, but you will make some cash regardless.

3.              Freelance Writer

Blog, write research articles, transcribe recipes, online journalism, and so many other wonderful writing options await if you want to be a better blogger and have the grasp of grammar to make a readable and interesting piece for the internet. It is even possible to be making money everyday with some writing gigs.

4.              Freelance Photography

Where do free photos for Unsplash and Pexels come from? From amateur photographers. And you can get paid to provide these to sites that share them with the world. Make your mark and see the world using just your phone camera.

5.              Graphic Designer

You don’t need a fancy education to design epic logos and draw storyboards for clients. You just need a pencil, a piece of paper, the skill to turn thought into a graphic, and the courage to try and sell your art. It is that easy. You can start making money now, doing what you love.

Final Thoughts

Making money online has never been easier. Most clients connect to pay companies like Venmo and PayPal, the work is steady if you have established yourself, and often, your side hustle can become your full-time gig, giving you a chance to do something amazing that also gives you tons of free time on the back end. Put in the effort, reap the rewards. 

So do you have an amazing side hustle you would like to share with our readers? Drop them in the comments, we’d love to hear of your experience!

About the author:

William Benetton is a famous writer, professional photographer and web designer. Last few months he has been creating interesting, informative blogs and websites. If you want to contact William, please check his Facebook. He can’t imagine his life without sport, travel and morning coffee.

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