Looking for winter vacation motorcycle destinations in the Philippines? The best winter holiday destinations for touring on a motorcycle are bustling with tourists from across the world looking for a warm tropical paradise to soak in the winter sun. If you are planning a motorcycle hop across the top winter vacation destinations in the Philippines, here are 5 that should be in your bucket list this winter!

  1. Boracay Island 

Boracay is a traveler’s heaven. It has an awesome stretch of white, sandy beach that stretches 4-kilometer, touched by welcoming blue waters, sparkling sun on the beautiful sand, and dreamy dusks. This island is the best spot to go if you are looking for a place to relax in a tropical retreat.

Boracay Island is one of the most expensive destinations in the Philippines but you can get ahead of the expenses by planning your vacations in advance and booking the best accommodations for a fraction of the price if you start early. even the cheaper and affordable options for accommodation are quite attractive and pleasing at Boracay Island. 

 There are a lot of things to explore In the Island apart from the famous tourist attractions you can also feast your eyes on the assortment of gift shops and fun Park water parks.  The nightlife on the beaches is also something you should not miss. 

But the major reason why people arrive at the Boracay island is because of its white Sandy beaches where they launch around all the soaking in the winter Sun and feeling relaxed while sipping on their mocktails.  discover and explore the marvels of marine life in and Around the Island and take a dive in the warm waters after mid-day. 

  1. 31 Islands of Balabac

Balabac is the southernmost of islands in Palawan. To the far south is Sabah, in East Malaysia which is closer to Balabac than Puerto Princesa. What makes Balabac so attractive is its chain of 31 flawless islands still waiting to be explored! These islands are encircled by perfect, completely clear waters and white sand sea shores. The color of the sandy shores ranges from blinding white to grayish blue and some are even pink in shade! The best spots you shouldn’t miss are Onuk Island and its precious stone blue waters cascading as far as the eye can see; Bugsuk Island, home to the finest, whitest sand sea shore in the Philippines; and the pink sand sea shore at Camiaran Island.

  1. Sagada

Want to see the traditional mountain culture of the Philippines? Ride to the north of Manila and visit Sagada. You can locate this beautiful community high in the fog covered Cordillera mountains of Northern Luzon. Nestled in the mountains, Sagada is generally known for the hanging coffins, and 2,000-year-old mumification techniques. When you are here, don’t miss the caves, make sure to visit Sumaging-Lumiang Caves. Check out the peaks of Kiltepan across an ocean of mists and climb to the numerous waterfalls in the area including Bomod-alright Falls and Pongas Falls.

  1. Vigan

Vigan is the best-saved Spanish-pilgrim town in Asia. In case you’re an admirer of old urban areas, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place that should be on your must-visit list. This beautiful scenic spot makes you feel like a time traveler visiting back to the sixteenth century Philippines! This beautiful city is renowned for its cobblestone ways, horse-drawn carriages, exceptionally old places of worship, and jaw-dropping architectural structures. This is one the most popular winter destinations in Philippines so make sure to book your rooms in advance at one of the old Spanish-provincial homes.

  1. Chocolate Hills (Bohol)

Bohol is home to two of the Philippines’ most epic attractions, regularly appeared on the travel industry promotions: The Chocolate Hills, and the bug-looked at Tarsier, one of the World’s littlest primates. This island in the Central Philippines (close to Cebu) offers quite a lot more. In Panglao, you can remain at a decent inn at one of the island’s many white-sand sea shore territories, go island jumping, appreciate plunging, join an island bouncing visit, and potentially have a dolphin experience. On the off chance that that is insufficient, you can appreciate a loosening up journey along the unblemished Loboc River, see the old Spanish-frontier legacy temples, beautiful cascades of the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces, and distant Anda White Beach. 

BONUS TIP: Prioritize your safety while riding a two-wheeler. Always make sure to wear branded motorcycle safety accessories, especially a full-face helmet and a pair of gloves if nothing else.

By Anurag Rathod

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