Moldavite Jewelry

Why choose the Moldavite stone 

Choosing Moldavite jewelry to sell to your end customers could be one of the best choices, as this green color tektite stone would be loved by everyone who visits your collection. Like the universe, these stone have their own unique vibrations that radiate kindness, love, peace, and compassion. This stone is called the stone of transformation, and you need to tell your customers that this stone can really change their lives. The Moldavite jewelry will bring happiness into the life of the wearer. 

Ways of using the Moldavite stone 

Moldavite is a stone that is used in many ways, it could work worn in the form of jewelry like Moldavite bracelets could look amazing when worn, many people use it for beautification, the pieces of Moldavite could be kept in the house in the form of decoration, and it is that stone which is used by a lot of people for various purposes. This is because Moldavite possesses intense frequency, high vibration, and it is believed that it would bring good luck and prosperity into the life of the person keeping the stone. 

Properties of Moldavite to be remembered before selling the stone

When you sell any stone, it is important that you know about the stone’s details and properties. Moldavite is a stone found only in the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia and is a member of the tektite family of the natural glass. The stone originated from the condensed rock vapors after a meteorite impact. The stone ranges between five to seven on the Mohs scale hardness and can be transparent or could be translucent with a mossy green color. The Moldavite earring may have white swirls and bubbles accentuate the mossy-olive green appearance of the stone. 

How Moldavite can help the wearer with its powers

Moldavite also called the stone of greatness, is an extraterrestrial stone and is one of the oldest stones dating back to 15 million years ago. It is the birthstone for the people with the zodiac sign Taurus and Scorpio. The stone is made of silicon dioxide and other similar metallic oxides. It is very renowned for its supernatural powers as it cultivates creativity in kids and adults. It is a gift from the stars to humans, and humans can take advantage of its powers. It is the stone of enlightenment, as this unique and rare stone will definitely change the life of the wearer, it will imbibe the skills such as compassion and empathy.

Wearing the Moldavite stone will encourage the person to dream big and appreciate the small moments and happiness. It would also improve communication skills, increase intuition power, clear the aura of unwanted baggage from an old past life, and bring emotional stability. Wearing this stone while meditating can help you connect with power in the cosmos. In addition, it works as a talisman that brings good fortune in the person’s life. 

Moldavite jewelry enhancing the look of the wearer

Moldavite Jewelry

While selling the Moldavite necklace, you should tell the buyer that how beautifully they can pair the necklace with a plunge dress to enhance the glow of the necklace. The green color almost suits with every color, and it always gives you the rich and perfect look. The exquisite necklace can make them unique from the crowd, and it will change their personality. Along with that, you can carry the Moldavite ring in your left hand to complete your look. The powers of this ring will always protect you from the negative energies and help redefine happy feelings. 

Responsibility while keeping the Moldavite stone 

Moldavite pendants would surely steal the people’s eyes, as this extraordinary stone would be a perfect ornament to spend money on. Although Moldavite is a fragile stone, it needs to be explained to the ends customers that they have to take care of the stone properly. Tell your customers that they need to keep it safe from scratches and damages, and they need to keep it in a secure box when they are not wearing the stone. Moreover, they should clean the stone using water and mild soap but should never use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner to clean the stone. In addition, to take more benefits, they can recharge the stone timely by keeping it under the moon on the full moon day. 

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