impact of mobile games on students

Why Mobile Gaming Online is Becoming Popular?

Mobile gaming has become a rapidly growing area of interest for people all over the world. Nowadays, mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing segments of the mobile market. In fact, it is estimated to have passed the PC gaming market in terms of growth. One of the main reasons why mobile gaming is fast becoming popular is because of the fact that the mobile devices with which mobile gaming is enjoyed can be obtained at very affordable prices. These devices include, Smartphones, PDAs and other common hand held devices like the iPad and even netbooks.

A mobile game is a game that is generally played on mobile phones. The term mobile game also refers to all online games which are played on almost any mobile device, such as from a smart phone, pdas, and tablets to laptop, netbook or any other common hand held devices. Many people prefer to play their favorite mobile games on their smartphone, especially if they do not own one. For example, a lot of people choose to play their favourite casino games on their smartphones whenever they travel. Since most people cannot afford to spend too much money on buying a new gaming console or buying their dream gaming console just to play their favourite mobile games, they use their cheap smartphones to play these games.

This is where mobile gaming online comes into picture. There are several companies offering their services to promote their mobile games online. They use different kinds of promotional methods to attract users to their websites. Some of them use paid inclusion in social networking sites as one way to attract customers. Most of them use mobile app advertising and viral marketing to get their businesses known to millions of users through the use of mobile apps.

Impact of Mobile Games on Students

The games which are developed on the mobile platform are the best thing that could help the young learners improve their knowledge base and also keep them occupied for a longer period of time. There are a number of companies who are working out on the software which can help in increasing the use of interactive games in the schools and colleges so that the children can gain proper knowledge about the subject through the games. The games which are created for the purpose of education are not only for the use of the kids but they are also provided with all the features that would help the learner in enjoying the game. Moreover, with the advancement in the mobile technology there are a variety of new games that are being developed everyday which can help the students in improving their knowledge about the various subjects.

The impact of mobile games on students is a positive one, as these games provide them a feeling of fun while playing and thus they do not find it difficult to concentrate and learn the subject. Even when the games do not provide them with a challenging field to fight against the enemy or to gather the objects, the games still provide them with an emotional effect which motivates them to learn more and take up the challenges that come by themselves. In this way, the young learners also get a chance to work in teams and play collectively while learning the subject that they are studying.

Thus the learning process of these games also helps in enhancing the level of self-confidence of the young learners and makes them able to go ahead in their learning process. However, there are some games which are available online and these games also provide the students with a challenging field to work upon. In this way, the students are prepared for the final exams and are not affected by any fear of losing the games which they have paid money for. These games also provide the students with the option of either playing the single player games or playing the multi-player games. Thus the learning process of the games can be helpful in every way for the students to enhance their knowledge and confidence in their learning process.

By Anurag Rathod

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