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Anyone who has ever bought new and refurbished tech items knows the difference it makes on your budget. Most of the time, refurbished hardware and devices are comparatively less costly than the new ones. Although refurbished hardware gives you big-time savings, people still hesitate to buy them. The term refurbished has a feeling of negative myth around it. People who are unclear about the reality of refurbished items deem them as rejected products, somehow inferior to new parts.

Therefore, while everyone wants to save money, no one wants to bear the consequences of buying something that comes out to be faulty or dysfunctional. The current article aims to look at some popular misconceptions around hardware components such as used and refurbished motherboard, RAM and processors, so you can decide to buy the right products while building your next PC on an ideal budget.

The first misconception: Refurbished components were once defective

Manufacturers and retailers are well aware and can confirm that computers and other devices are returned for many reasons that have nothing to do with defects. The majority of retailers usually have a return policy valid within 30 days of purchase. In that period, customers mostly return their purchases because of a change of mind. They often find better deals or dislike some arbitrary of their purchased product.

Some other common reasons label products as refurbished, for instance, sometimes the product’s exterior is damaged during shipping, and the product is returned to the sellers. Some new products are not used but served for demo in showrooms. These pieces are refurbished and resold to customers and are functional as new brand items. The overstocked items have to be refurbished as they are not sold when their updated version arrives in the market.

It is not that products are never returned for their defects. Many times manufacturers are getting their products back due to defects, but in that case, the defective items go through a rigorous process of re-building process before placing them on the refurbished market. The defective pieces are replaced if needed, and a thorough process of testing follows. The test results are verified before selling the refurbished hardware to the customers.

Considering the scenario, it is recommended to save money by buying refurbished products whenever possible. However, you must make your purchase from a reputed dealer who gets the refurbished products directly from manufacturers and follows a proper quality assurance process before selling the product in the market.

The second misconception: Refurbished computers do not have a warranty

It is only a myth that refurbished items do not come with a warranty. Contrarily, authorized dealers and manufacturers usually provide a written guarantee for their refurbished products. Many refurbished items come with a policy that if the product fails to work efficiently, the company guarantees free replacement within few days. Although many refurbished products are sold without a warranty, we recommend you save money in a carefree way by purchasing only those refurbished items that come with a warranty.

The third misconception: Refurbished computers are only suitable for public places

Many people think that refurbished systems and hardware are only suitable for public places. They think that since they are cheaper, they are not up to personal or high-end use standards. Another perception is that school and libraries districts purchase refurbished items in bulk to save taxpayers money. Some part of this concept is true because the main reason behind purchasing refurbished items is to save money. However, it becomes a misconception when people think that these products are not efficient enough to serve at the enterprise level. Many enterprise users are stocking refurbished equipment because they perceive them as cost-effective and performance effective. The value of the refurbished products against performance is a solid bet for small enterprises, especially when the machines suit their exact performance needs. Nowadays, it is not uncommon that even larger organizations have development environments entirely comprised of refurbished gear.

The fourth misconception: Refurbished computers do not have a Windows license

Whether the system you are purchasing has a Windows license does not depend on it being refurbished or new, but it associates with the place from where you are buying your PC. Authorized retailers and manufacturers sell refurbished systems that meet all the requirements of Windows licensing. However, if you are purchasing your system from third party sources, it is vital to ensure that your purchase meets the specific criteria. Also, avoid situations where software is pirated. Moreover, those refurbished pcs do not require a new Windows license that comes with an original COA (Certificate of Authenticity) for a Windows OS affixed to your computer. Those systems also do not need a new license with original recovery media or hard-disk recovery images associated with your PC. In most other instances, a Windows license must be purchased.

The fifth misconception: Refurbished hardware means discounted rates

It often happens that the rates of refurbished items are lower than new items. After all, the whole point behind people opting for refurbished hardware components is saving money. However, it is not a necessary occurrence. Moreover, associating their less costly rates with performance is entirely a myth. Many times, especially when it comes to updated versions, current generations, high-demand gadgets, and some LED plasma TV models, the discounts go to only 5 to 10%. Therefore, it is always wise to exercise the required diligence and re-check the rates of new items before deciding to purchase a refurbished product. Not because of performance, but the new items often have an extended warranty compared to a new one. This aspect can make buying a new item more worthy than a refurbished one for such a slight difference of money.

We expect that the above discussion has cleared the air of misconceptions about refurbished hardware components and systems. When bought from an authentic dealer and manufacturer, refurbished computer items can save a lot of money without compromising performance. As a result, you can have a sound system in the ideal budget.

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