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In this article, you will find the complete solution for OneDrive tenant to tenant migration. All the reasons are explored with solutions to perform OneDrive migration in detail. After reading this article, you can migrate all the files from source OneDrive account to the destination OneDrive account.

As we all know the benefit of the OneDrive. But when the Organization wants to merge with another organization then there is a need for OneDrive migration. OneDrive plays a significant role in the business. OneDrive contains multiple types of documents which are crucial to the Organization. Basically, OneDrive comes with different variations such as OneDrive for personal and OneDrive for business. OneDrive for business has 1 TB of space which is far more than the OneDrive for personal. There can be multiple scenarios when you need to migrate OneDrive from one tenant to another. Let’s see what are the distinct reasons behind the oneDrive tenant to tenant migration.

Why Migrate OneDrive from One Tenant to Another

As per the Organization policy, keep the data at a particular location for ease of access. There are multiple scenarios in which you need to perform migration. Some of the prime reasons are as follows.

  • There is a situation when Organizations decide to merge. To make the data in one place for easy access. They need to migrate the OneDrive.
  • Sometimes the Organizations decide to rebrand themselves, in that case, they are migrating the OneDrive data to another tenant.
  • Because of the multiple security issues nowadays, to secure the crucial data there is a requirement of the proper security due to which they are migrating the OneDrive tenant to tenant.
  • To cut the extra expenses the Organizations decided to move their OneDrive to another tenant.

These are the several reasons why Organizations need to perform the oneDrive tenant to tenant migration. It’s time to explore the best practices that should be followed to perform the OneDrive migration.

Best Practices For OneDrive Tenant to Tenant Migration

These are different practices that should be followed. Here is a list of some major practices that cannot be ignored at any cost.

  • Before pursuing the OneDrive migration check the Tenant’s access whether it is source or destination.
  • Make sure you have a valid and updated license for the destination tenant.
  • There should be proper internet connectivity while performing the OneDrive migration. Less internet bandwidth can create several issues.
  • Make a complete plan before pursuing the migration. Keep the checklist ready for the proper tracking of all the steps.
  • Because of the crucial data, you need to take the backup of the migrated data first. If in case the data gets affected during the process then you can take a backup as per the requirement.

How to Migrate OneDrive from One Tenant to Another

Basically, migrating the OneDrive from one tenant to another can be achieved by the two methods. The manual method and Professional both can be used to migrate the OneDrive data. The manual method uses SharePoint Online PowerShell to perform migration. The Organizational relationship needs to be established between both the SharePoint administrators at the source and destination end. The Professional approach uses an automated tool to perform the migration. Let’s elaborate on the manual method first.

Manually Move OneDrive Data From One Tenant to Another

To use the manual method for OneDrive migration, you need to install the latest SharePoint PowerShell. At a time, there is a limit of 4,000 OneDrive accounts to migrate. You need to follow these steps for OneDrive migration.

  1. Establish aconnection between both ends.
  2. Built the Trust between Source and Destination.
  3. Create all users and groups as per the requirement in the destination tenant.
  4. Make the Identity mapping between both source and destination users.
  5. Start the migration process and verify all the data after the migration ends.

There are several limitations with the manual ways

  1. OneDrive account has a 2 TB maximum limit only.
  2. The OneDrive account can store only 2 TB of data.
  3. There is a path limit of 400 characters only.
  4. It is a very time-consuming process.
  5. Microsoft recommends not creating OneDrive sites during the migration.

Professionally OneDrive Tenant to Tenant Migration

After evaluating the cons of the manual approach, it’s time to discuss the efficient solution which is also recommended by the experts. SysTools OneDrive to OneDrive Migration Tool is used to connect two OneDrive accounts without any hassle. This tool can easily migrate the OneDrive to another tenant. You can also apply the date filter to filter out the relevant data for migration. The complete data is kept safe and secure throughout the process. Let’s see the major features of this tool.

Some Advanced Features

  1. Easilymove data files and documents from OneDrive to another.
  2. Able to migrate the documents with the permissions as well.
  3. You can also use the Delta migration option to migrate newly arrived data.
  4. Keeps track of the modification of the data.
  5. It can copy OneDrive files to another OneDrive account without losing a bit.
  6. There is an option to stop the process in the middle if required.

OneDrive Migration from One Tenant to Another Stepwise

Step 1. Install and Run the software, and select Office 365 as the source and destination.

Step 2. Select the documents and enable both  Migrate Document Permissions and User Group Mapping.

Step 4. Apply the Date Filter to apply the required dates for the migration.

Step 5. Submit the source details, Validate, and Next.

Step 6. Enter the destination details, Validate, and Next.

Step 7. Select the users for migrating from the several options such as Fetch User, Import CSV, and Download Template.

Step 8. Finally, Validate them and Start Migration.


Through this article, we have solved your query about OneDrive tenant to tenant migration. The necessity of the OneDrive migration is explained. The different best practices are discussed that should be fulfilled prior to the migration. For the successful OneDrive migration we have explained the manual method and export recommend Professional method as well. You can choose anyone according to your needs.

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