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Over the past few years, cloud computing has become a crucial part of almost every IT organization. Cloud computing offers benefits such as low-cost affordability and easy infrastructure maintenance. Microsoft is leading the cloud domain with its cloud platform – Azure. Microsoft Azure Certifications ensure that an individual gets officially recognized as a cloud computing professional. This validation of skills opens up avenues for a variety of high-paying jobs. 

You might require some help navigating the vast amount of information available online even though the certification training is relatively easy. Here are some tips on choosing and preparing for the right Azure certification training.

Choose Azure Certifications That You Need

 The first step involves an evaluation of your professional trajectory. Once this is clear, you can work on the skills specific to the certification you wish to acquire. This two-step process will make it easier for you to select a Microsoft Azure certification which suits your needs the best. 

Keep in mind that there are various certifications curated as per the industry’s requirements. The certifications are grouped based on the following levels – Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. Do your research and gain an understanding of the topics and requirements of each level. 

Research and Familiarise Yourself With The Exam Format

Once you have decided on the certification, it is crucial to understand the exam format and procedure. The courses have a very concise and modular structure, so it is easy to analyze what type of questions may be asked in the exam. You can use standard online resources to get access to the right content. 

For an overall and in-depth understanding of the entire process, it is recommended that a candidate goes through the Microsoft Azure Official Documentation provided on the certification page. It contains information regarding every topic, exam prerequisites and resources and will help you to get started on the right path.

Each Azure Certification training module has its own set of questions and guidelines. IT training experts such as Koenig Solutions can offer in-depth guidance & training tailored to the particular iso certification available.

The Learning Process 

After exploring the topics, prerequisites and exam-patterns, you need to implement that knowledge to streamline your learning process and get ready to grind. The basics of different concepts can be learnt from various resources available online. Some standard books can also be utilized to gain a conceptual and theoretical understanding of the topics.

Apart from self-learning, candidates can also join various training programs offered specifically for Microsoft Azure training. The cost of these resources combined with the Azure Certification cost is negligible compared to the amount you’ll be earning as a certified professional. Microsoft Learn is a free learning platform by Microsoft that can be utilized to get some quality resources. 

Hands-on Implementation 

A hands-on experience with technology is crucial to implement solutions that are robust and efficient. But it’s especially true in the case of cloud services like Microsoft Azure. The theoretical knowledge that you might gain from reading books, attending lectures and watching tutorials has to be implemented on a real system to deliver cloud-based solutions. 

If you are a candidate for the Microsoft Azure Certification, you can create a free Azure account and utilize the various hands-on labs. These labs allow you to practice with the latest cloud products and services in a live environment. It could be a great tool to enhance your cloud skills at zero cost. 

As a certified Microsoft Azure professional, you will be required to solve real-life problems. Practising these concepts will make you become more proficient with technology and sharpen your real-time problem-solving skills.

Practice makes perfect

Practice papers are a sure-shot method of assessing your knowledge and help you with your time management skills. Solve official practice papers of different Microsoft Certifications, offered by Microsoft or some other reliable resources. It will help you cover all the essential domains and help you understand the importance of specific topics. 

Solving papers multiple times, under time constraints, will help you shake off exam fear and perform in the actual exam without feeling any pressure. Joining study groups and discussion forums are an excellent way to keep you motivated and feel accountable. 

Different individuals have different approaches when it comes to attempting such examinations. But by keeping the above tips in mind, you can identify a strategy that suits your needs and pass the certification exam with flying colours.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.