merlins crystal

The wizard Merlin has been trapped in a magical crystal by the witch Morgan Le Faye and King Arthur hasn’t been able to figure out how to free his mentor from his crystal prison. This guide will help you on your quest in freeing wizard Merlin.

There are no requirements for this quest, just a few items and enough stats to kill a level 39 enemy.
Items required:

  • Bread
  •  Tinderbox
  • A Bucket of Wax (obtainable during the quest with Insect repellent, a bucket spawns near the beekeeper)
  • Bat Bones (Obtainable during the quest)

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Recommended items:

  • 2 Falador Teleports
  • A Varrock Teleport
  • A Camelot Teleport
  • A Taverley Teleport or A Games Necklace for quick access to Taverley
  • Explorer’s Ring 2 or A Changed Amulet of Glory for quick access to Rimmington
  • Food (For the enemy, if you have low stats)
  • A Stamina Potion (Optional)
  • Armour and Weapon (To kill the level 39 enemy)

To begin this quest, talk to King Arthur at the Camelot castle, which is located east of Seers’ village. Ask him if you can join the Knights of the Round Table, he’ll ask you to prove yourself worthy by completing a quest. He’ll ask you to help his friend and mentor Merlin who has been trapped in a crystal and that he can’t break him out. In the end, he’ll ask you to ask the other knights around to see if they can help you with any ideas.

To gather information, you’ll first have to talk to Sir Gawain, who can either be found roaming in the courtyard or inside the castle. Talk to him about Merlin and be sure to discuss about both the options, he’ll mention that perhaps Morgan Le Faye might know as she created the enchantment, but he doesn’t know how to get into her keep (Keep Le Faye, a tower south of Camelot).
Now to gather more information, talk to Sir Lancelot on the 2nd floor of the Camelot Castle. Talk to him about the keep and if he has any idea how to get in. He’ll mention how the only way to get into the keep is through the seas.

You now have a lead, so head towards Catherby which is down the road (South). Once you’ve reached Catherby, head south of the bank towards the docks till you see a general store and talk to a merchant there named Arhein, ask him about his boat and where it’s going. In a house north of the bank, you’ll find a bottle of insect repellent, take it and go north of the docks, where you’ll find a few crates between the bank and the Candle Shop. Click on the crates to hide inside them, after a while you’ll be transported by sea and end up in the Keep Le Faye.

Now, run up the stairs to the very top floor where you’ll find Sir Mordred, fight him. Just as you are about to defeat him Morgan Le Faye will appear and beg you not to kill her son. In exchange for that, she will tell you how to release Merlin. What you now need are bat bones and the process to make a Black Candle.

Right outside the keep, you can find giant bats (Level 27) to kill and acquire bat bones. For the candle, you’ll need a bucket of wax, so head north of the keep near the flax field, there is an area full of bee hives. Grab a bucket from near the fence gate, now use the insect repellent on a hive to temporarily drive the bees away, and then use the bucket to collect some wax. If you already have a bucket of wax, you can directly head towards Catherby either by hiding in the crates at the dock of the keep or walking your way there.

If you went outside of the Keep to get the Bucket of wax, you can’t go inside of the keep anymore.

Go to the Candle Maker, just west of the Catherby bank. Talk to him with the bucket of wax in your inventory and he’ll give you a Black Candle .

Now, go south – east of Taverley to talk to the lady of the lake about the sword Excalibur. She will tell you that she has the sword but wants you to go the jewellery shop in port Sarim first. As you open the door, a beggar will appear asking for food for his starving family, hand him over the bread in your inventory. When you do that, the beggar will change into the lady of the lake who was testing your purity. She’ll hand you over the Excalibur.

Teleport to Varrock and head to the Zamorak Chaos Temple located south – east corner of the city. “Check” the altar to find the words needed: “Snarthon Candtrick Termanto”. Make sure to click continue to complete the dialog as you’ll have to read the complete dialog in order to proceed further.

Head back to Camelot, and go to the north – east side of the castle just inside the fence, where you’ll find a magical symbol. Light your Black Candle and drop your Bat Bones in the circle and a magical spirit named Thrantax The Mighty will appear. You will now have to say the magical words in order for the spirit to obey you.
If you get the magical words wrong, the spirit (Level 97) will attack you and you’ll have to try again with a new Black Candle.

Once the spirit starts to obey you, request him to free Merlin and the spirit will do so. Now, go back inside the Camelot Castle and climb up to the very top of the south – east tower. You’ll see that Merlin is imprisoned in a blue crystal, use the Excalibur to break the crystal and free Merlin.

Head down to King Arthur to finish the quest and get rewarded. Congratulations, quest complete!

And with that, the guide on Merlin’s Crystal is over. In addition, if you need RS gold, you can try to buy RuneScape gold on a secure website.

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