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Office décor is not an easy task. Because if something goes wrong, you would feel it directly, in fact, you will experience it every day. So, it would be best to decorate an office properly.

A great office is comfortable and practical enough to spend an entire day. However, it should be minimal enough that you remain focused on your goals.

What is the Need for Office Décor?

Art in the workplace helps you to address challenges like stress reduction, increasing creativity, and encouraging new ideas. In addition, art motivates employees to become creative, and it plays a vital role in setting the company’s culture in the office.

Office Decorating Tips

The following are some office decoration tips that will improve the employee’s creativity and productivity:

●     Add Right Colors

Colors play an essential role in making or breaking the mood. So, it is very important to consider a color while painting the walls or adding the furnishing items in the office.

If you want to go for a safer option, you can use neutral colors like beige, ivory, tan, or light gray. You can pair it with the splash of bright colors to liven up the space.

You can also use green to give a relaxed look or yellow to spread cheerfulness and optimism in the office. Make sure not to use cold colors such as red, orange, purple in the office décor.

These colors can be very distracting and keep employees away from working effectively.

●     Wall Sculptures

Do you want to add texture or a sense of layering to the office walls? If yes, wall sculpture is one of the best solutions. They are available in different styles, colors, or mediums.

In addition, they add visual interest through their 3-D effects. So, use wall sculptures in the office to give an elegant look.

●     Modern Canvas for Walls

Nowadays, modern office wall art is in trend. Offices with modern canvas prints keep employees happier and motivated. They inspire staff to be more productive and creative than ever.

You can display a large wall art to create a  focal point in the room or a gallery wall with different pictures of team and office achievements. Display something that is inspiring and reveals the company’s goals.

●     Let Nature In


By introducing different plants and flowers together, you can add freshness, colors, and aromas to the office. You can incorporate plants of different types or repeat one throughout the office to set a theme.

Make sure to pick a flower or plant as per your core values. For instance, sturdy bamboo plants emphasize the foundational strength and branding.

●     Pick Appropriate Desk


Most of the time, employees spend their time working at the office desk. It should be comfortable and functional. So, add a table that is big enough for a system and other necessary items.

Focus on functionality instead of aesthetics. So, make sure that the office desk is clutter-free to encourage productivity. In addition, add additional storage space to the desk for keeping files, invoices, mails, and other office supplies.

●     Natural Light or View


Lighting is a crucial element of any office. Make sure to let enough light come in. Position the office desk to face the windows where the laptop or computer screen will not get affected.

You can install blinds or translucent window shades as they help to reduce the glare without darkening the workspace. In addition, enhance the natural light by adding a mirror and painting the walls with light color.

Also install overhead ceiling lights to provide good lighting. Or, add floor lamps in the corners to offer shadow-free task lighting.

●     Select a Comfortable Office Chair


Always match the office chair with the rest of the furnishing items. Also, keep the chair comfortable enough to spend an entire day working on it in a relaxed posture.

You can opt for a swivel chair as you can adjust it to whichever height you want. For extra comfort, you can add bean bags as it helps to maintain body posture.

●     Inspirational Vision Board

Hang a cork board where you can feature the day-to-day tasks. It will undoubtedly help to improve productivity. Moreover, if you add the future goals for the team in the form of messages or photos, it will increase the production power more.

Try turning the corkboard into a vision board featuring the goals you like to accomplish.

●    Accessorize

Add items to the office that are functional and fill in the empty space. Such as:

  • Vintage jars to hold pencils and pens
  • A beautiful bowl for storing paper clips
  • Ceramic planters to keep indoor plants
  • Woven basket to collect rough papers


With simple changes in office décor, you can boost employee’s productivity and increase the odds of getting new hires. Pleasing aesthetics will help staff feel good about their working environments.

These minor changes can create a huge impact on visitors and workers. In addition, it will automatically influence the organization’s success and growth.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.