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As a small business owner, you have to face many challenges to keep up with the ongoing competition in the world of business. Building brand awareness and establishing a customer base is a major roadblock on the way to enlarging your small business. So here are some marketing hacks to consider for growing your small business:   

Make Most Out of Social Media Platforms

Right from the beginning of the pandemic people are using social media platforms like never before.  Staying connected with each other in the phase of lockdown was possible mostly on social media.

Even though the lockdown and social-distancing lifestyle has been lifted in most of the countries in the world now, estimately 3.96 billion people are still active on various social media platforms.

A trendy way of making the most out of social media platforms is by investing in a social media influencer. An influencer is fairly like a brand’s ambassador but often hired on a temporary basis. The influencer will upload a post or story on his/her social media handle while posing with your products or while using your services.

Investing in influencers will boost brand awareness as these influencers are role models for many youths and nevertheless have many followers on their accounts.  

Personalization is The Key to All Content Strategies 

Content marketing is evolving with every passing year. 70 percent of marketers are actively investing in content marketing in the year 2020. The definition of a good content strategy is not just by the high-quality content but also it should involve a touch of personalization. Some of the content strategies where you can add the flavor of personalization are:

●    Email

Email outreach is an evergreen part of online marketing. You should avoid cold email templates which include copied templates from the internet, big paragraphs, using the same mail to pitch all recipients remember relevancy plays a major role.

Collection of email IDs can be done right on the website. Adding a pop-up before accessing newsletter or blogs on your website will assist you to collect email IDs by signing up. However, set up the pop-up only for certain visitors such as first-time site visitors who have been on the site for a predetermined time.          

●    Attractive Content

Creating eye-pleasing content will help out in guest posting and blogging on your own website which will ultimately strengthen the outbound links as well as the internal link building.  

The aim is to satisfy the person reading your blog either by solving the query they had or by entertaining them.

Attractive content can be achieved by adding videos, images, or infographics. High quality and attractive content is more readable and decreases the chance of bouncing back a valuable user who may go without reading through the entire blog post.  

Also, look for the possibility of adding photos of yourself, friends, team, or family. With such a touch of personalization, users will be able to connect emotionally to the content.  

Small Businesses should Maximize Local Marketing

It’s inappropriate to say that traditional marketing is wholly dull. Small businesses could be ahead of large scale businesses in terms of local marketing. Using advanced features of display advertisement one can target a specific region for showcasing his/her online advertisement.

Small business owners should hire social media influencers from the region where they carry out business or from where most of the consumers are populated. Hiring temporarily local influencers will be a cheap and efficient way to spread brand awareness among the distinct areas.

Local Marketing also plays a significant role in social media marketing. Small business owners can use hashtags relevant to the particular targeted region (mostly where the business is situated). Hashtags can work as long-tail keywords for small businesses and the social media page will gain some attention, leading to more traffic on the website in the long run.

Hashtags are a familiar marketing tool for many years now. Hashtags are fundamental to generate exposure for various businesses and are a great way to generate the right kind of customer engagement.

Keep The Website Up to Date

In the digitalized world, all the marketing strategies of businesses point to their website. Well, the conversion won’t take place if your website is flawed.

The quality of the website also influences other online marketing strategies. In order to maintain an adequate quality of the website business owner should consider:

●    Importance of SEO

All the content posted on your website should be only published if you have done appropriate keyword research, ensure it’s satisfying good internal links, all the images/videos have a relevant name (Google will read the alt text from HTML code and judge the relevance).  

●    Mobile Friendliness

In 2020 it’s needless to state the facts on numbers of users visiting business website via mobile. Entrepreneurs have to focus on mobile-friendliness as mobile users expect answers quickly unlike desktop visitors. Therefore for connecting to what mobile users want right away, websites must have simple and easy navigation.

Link the address with help of google maps, add a shortcut button to make a direct call or to communicate, optimize the image quality as low-quality images load fast.       

●    Need for an App?

Most of the big businesses nowadays have an app that eventually intensifies the sales rate, conversion rates, user-friendliness, and many more. Contrastingly every business doesn’t require an app especially in the initial phase of the small business. Study and analyze what kind of business model you have and figure out if you need an app or not.

Keep Experimenting Bases on Feedbacks & Analysis

The last phase of marketing hacks is to analyze all the strategies and keep experimenting based on the collected data and also based on customers’ reviews.

No doubt both positive and negative reviews help to grow your business. But negative reviews are only beneficial when you and your team have the propensity to satisfy consumers.

Some of the sectors in which a business owner needs to focus more on the analysis phase are social media influencers and display Ads. These two marketing strategies require more amount of capital as compared to other marketing strategies. 

Wrapping Up

We may conclude that making the most out of social media platforms, adding a touch of personalization, maximizing local marketing, following all the website trends, and revising regularly will ensure the expansion of your small business.

Also be ready for setbacks on the way of these marketing hacks, once the mistake is committed pivot the strategy and grow your small business.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.