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Magento is one of the most famed e-commerce platforms that is curated with a user-centric approach. Its multi-store or multi-site capability has made it the most powerful platform out of the innumerable available in the market.

From simplifying the management work for the admin users to enhancing the brand professionalism in the market, the Magento multi-store is a magic wand that can multiply your sales.

Since little knowledge is dangerous to business, we will help you get acquainted from A to Z about Magento multi-store and how it can benefit your business.

What is a Magento multi-store or multisite?

As you can get it from the name itself, the multi-store or multi-site stands for multiple domains. All these domains are handled by one admin and have the same Magento installation through Magento Development.

For instance: Consider a website that wants to sell products on different domains as they have separate categories. In such a case, the developer would have to set up separate code for each domain in every installation. It becomes a cumbersome task, and the added cost eats the whole budget of the business.

To solve such issues, a multi-store website comes into the picture making every task simplified for the business owner.

Wondering what it can do for your business’s growth? Read on the advantages of Magento multi-store that will leave you awestruck.

One Admin for all websites

In Magento multi-store site, admin users can control customer accounts of every domain. Even the customer data can be shared between or among the stores. One can control everything from one panel, including the back-end operations.

Deliver a localized experience

With the Magento multi-store site, you can enrich the experience of your customers on your online platform. You can set up country-specific virtual shops to cater to the requirements of a particular customer base that belongs to a specific geographic area or speak any specific language. It enhances the brand credibility as well as the trust among the customers towards your brand.

Target potential customer base

With different websites, you can target different sets of customers altogether. For instance: Consider an online clothing shop that has multisite for women, children, and men. It helps in redirecting a particular set of customers to the website designed as per their preference and behavior.

Upscale website usability

As you separate the website into different stores crafted to meet a particular customer base, you make it easier for the customers to explore your website. For instance: Let’s say a website sells only baby products. Be it the clothes, daily care, or food items, the customer can explore the categories seamlessly on the website dedicated entirely to the baby products. They don’t have to struggle to find baby products like that on a website that includes multiple categories.

Host multiple vendors

When you work with a multi-store website, you can rent the subdomains to other vendors for their use. The single virtual shop does not offer you this benefit.

Manage orders and shipping seamlessly

The site owner does not act on the part of order management in a Magento multi-store. It’s the vendors that manage orders in shipping on their particular virtual shop. From defining the shipping rates to managing everyday orders, all these tasks fall under the responsibility of the vendor renting the virtual shop on your multi-site.

Some of the other notable features of Magento multi-store that can help you grow your business immensely are:

  • Complete control on the order information
  • Customer account management
  • Individual analytics and reporting
  • Easy catalog management
  • Different shipping methods for each store
  • Different payment options for each store
  • Separate checkout for each store
  • Complete control over each independent website
  • Proper site management
  • SEO optimized stores

Now that you are acknowledged with the benefits of using a Magento multi-store, check out these effective tips to maximize your revenue on the same.

Leverage the cloud-based technology

The cloud-based technology comes with the silver lining that you can access and use your data anywhere, just with the internet connection by your side. From synchronizing your information to managing your machine to multi-store conveniently, this technology has opened doors to efficient work that you can invest in to drive more sales to your business.

Ace your inventory

Inventory optimization is as necessary as upscaling customer service on your Magento multi-store. To maintain a consistent flow of your sales on the stores, you need to check the stock of each store regularly to maintain a reasonable inventory. Your ultimate goal by making your inventory perfect should be to instantly fulfill the requirement of any customer in your store. It is a helpful element in enhancing the customer buying experience in your store.

Wildcard SSL for all domains

It’s important to secure every store. Every website needs a separate SSL certificate. In Magento multi-store site where you have multiple domains, a wildcard SSL will work the best. Another option for the same is to avail of Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certification for stores in different domains. You can get it right in your budget and it also makes the admin’s work easy.

Are you ready to build your Magento multi-store?

Magento multi-store requires more than basic knowledge to conduct operations included in its setup. Be it the configuration of each virtual shop or SEO optimization, every task demands experience, knowledge, and accuracy.

To help you better, we would recommend you to get in touch with a professional to set up your Magento multi-store. With a perfect foundation to start with, you can achieve all your business goals steadily.

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