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The impact COVID-19 passed on the Passover program in the past year was simply a shock traditionally as well as to the market. The industry and people associated with it had to undergo a lot of sudden changes they weren’t expecting. With the Passover of 2021 heading our way, the program operators and guests are being prepared with hope and optimism.

They are doing their best to arrange for the program along with preparing a list of potential guests that are looking forward to joining along. Since the conditions are dwindling a lot, we can’t be certain about the possibilities. The restrictions as well seeing a lot of changes amongst different parts of the world and hence the industry associated with this program needs to adhere with these set of rules.

Many individuals are preparing to organize a Pesach vacation by themselves without being aware of the possibilities that it can be further on canceled. The news came out after being in constant touch with many tour operators. Some of them were kind enough to tell us about their further plans and share the book of action which was there. We got to know the cancellation policies in respect to the corona virus pandemic.

Let’s know more about such details:

Overview of the upcoming Passover program in 2021

We can already get into the countdown of Passover 2021 and March 28 is not so far. Few weeks down and we will be seeing the preparations for the same.

Post chagim, people get along with their family and friends to plan for the Passover vacations. This event demands and delivers the planning and organizing of stages done to the point.

In the usual times, the operators used to do their best with the advertisement and marketing of the Pesach programs around the globe. But it is a rather unfortunate moment for them since the corona virus pandemic took place just a month before Passover and the result was the cancellation of these programs. This came down as devastation for the program operators as well as the guests meant to attend the event.

To all the operators of this Pesach program and the ones who go away for the same are now looking forward to the things to get back to the normal once again in this year, and with normal, we meant the “new normal”. To those people who are concerned about long air travel journeys, they will look to attend the nearby programs or where they could drive off in their vehicle.

With summers and sukkot kosher vacations, Pesach holidays are still on.

Since the Pesach couldn’t take place last year and all the individuals were meant to stay inside, they are looking forward to taking a step out and getting ready with the summer program and Sukkot programs bookings done.

Some of the greatest summer programs were evident in France, Cyprus, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Morocco, and Portugal. But some individuals still prefer to be part of a smaller crowd. For them, the popular summer vacation spot would be in kosher villa rentals and kosher family vacation spots that are custom-tailored as per the choice all over the world.

Since the travel options will be limited and even there are restrictions from various countries regarding the foreign residents’ entry like Israel, the planning this year would take a big shift and be more challenging.

Israel has closed its gates for any non-Israeli citizen since March 2020. Ever since the hotels opened up during the summer, the Israelis crowded the hotels up north and in Eilat since flying out wasn’t an option for them.

Expectations to be kept with the Passover programs 2021 regarding reservations, deposits, and refund policies.

This year the program might take place but it will be done under the shadow of COVID-19 and this will change a lot of scenes of the program from the past. This is not new for us only since the entire world went through a change and we are meant to stay with the “new normal”.

During the program, a lot of safety measures will be taken such as temperature checks, hand sanitizers, face masks, regular cleaning, and potentially no buffets system. The operators will take care of all the reservations and deposits during the closer to Pesach.

By Anurag Rathod

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