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Shimoga is where the well-known Kodachadri Trek is located. The 11 km-long journey is accompanied by waterfalls that are in full flow. The surrounding scenery is stunning. At Mookambika Wildlife Park, the hike starts. mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary and concludes at the peak, making it a great choice for your trek’s conclusion. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to get distant vistas of the Arabian Sea. A deep Shola forest that is typical of the west ghats surrounds the pathways.

This is a terrific way to spend a weekend getaway because Kodachadri is situated right in the centre of the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. The months of September through February are the best for hiking in Kodachadri. The trail is around 15 kilometres long.

Tourist Attraction

Mookambika Temple

The most important portion of the walk is the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, which is located inside the stunning and green Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s made out of stone. Many people think they utilised the pillar, which is about 40 feet tall, to expel an evil spirit.

One of the first monuments in the Hindu pantheon, the pillar is made of iron and has a long history. It is one of the most well-known views on every journey and has not rusted. The temple is also devoted to Adi Shankara, who in the seventh century AD scaled Kodachadri’s peak and meditated there.

An upward hike of 3.5 miles leads to the beginning of the Kodachadri Trek. A view of Mookambika’s revered Temple is visible after the hike. One of India’s most popular hikes, the walk lasts for roughly three hours.

Shola forest of Western Ghat

Nature enthusiasts will find bliss in the Kodachadri Trek’s majestic mountain peaks and dense forest. The hike begins in Shivamogga and goes to the summit of Kodachadri. In the evenings, it is shrouded in fog. For those who want to explore the beautiful nature and thick woodland, this walk is a fantastic option. When you drive through the rocky slopes of the mountain, you can see a variety of fauna.

The trip is best suited for experienced hikers who are not afraid of high elevations. As you go through the dense Shola forests, you may unwind and take in the breathtaking vistas. It is essential to hire a knowledgeable guide and to have the right tools on hand to handle the terrain.

The monsoon season makes the already challenging terrain much more challenging. The first day of trekking starts in the Shimoga district village of Nittur. In order to reach the Kodachadri peaks from there, you must travel through a forest.

The climb starts in the little settlement of Nittur, which is part of the Shimoga district. After that, it climbs to a height of 4,614 feet. A variety of grasslands and waterfalls can be seen along the journey.

There is even a historic temple called Mookambika Temple where you can unwind in a cool pool. The Western Ghats’ dense Shola forest provides a fantastic environment for hiking up Kodachadri.

Hidlumane Waterfall

The Kodachadri Hill is one of the main access points to the Hidlumane Waterfall. You cross rivers and streams while hiking through dense woodland and along rocky slopes. The breathtaking dawn you can see as you make your way up Kodachadri Hill is one of the hike’s highlights.

The hike isn’t particularly challenging technically, but the monsoon season might make it a little riskier. An easy-moderate trek with seven waterfalls in a row is the Kodachadri Trek. Due to the fact that Hidlumane Falls are made up of seven different waterfalls, they are a unique treat.

The most stunning waterfall features a total of seven different cascades. By scaling the rock, one can reach the second waterfall, which is closer by. Although the second falls are more challenging to reach, the highest one is unquestionably worthwhile.

For experienced hikers, the 90-minute hike is the perfect length. The time right after the monsoon season would be the best to visit the Kodachadri waterfalls.

A collection of six cascading waterfalls called Hidlumane Waterfall may be found in Karnataka’s Shimoga district. From the airport in Mangalore, you can go to the waterfall via taxi or bus. Hotels and other types of lodging are available nearby. From Mangalore, you can rent a car if you want to go a little further. The cost of renting a car is about Rs. 1,800. (one way).


  • Prepare for an exciting weekend excursion with your companions at the Kodachadri hike outside of Bangalore.
  • The night before your walk, arrange to be picked up at 7:30 PM so that you may get to the trek’s starting site in plenty of time.
  • Around 8 hours and 400 kilometres of driving through the districts of Tumkur, Shimoga, and Nagara are required.
  • After a long journey, arrive in Kumble Village, take a moment to rest, eat breakfast, and then get ready for the challenging hike.
  • On the second day, set out on this amazing hiking trip, stroll through the wonderful woodland and past the stunning Hidlumane Waterfalls, and allow the magnificence of nature to enthral you.
  • After a solid ascent, reach the peak of the Kodachadri Peak to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking highlands and environs.
  • After a day of physical activity, descend to your campground and eat some delectable foods to satisfy your hunger.
  • The third day is for exploring and admiring the historical splendour of Shivappa Naik’s Fort, also called the Nagara Fort.
  • You’ll get back to Bangalore at around ten o’clock following a memorable and enjoyable trip.

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