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Finding your debts unmanageable? Facing foreclosure on your home and want to apply for bankruptcy as the last option. Bankruptcy has serious consequences that are worth considering before you make any decision especially for the people for whom bankruptcy is the only option. Well, let’s start with What should you know about filing bankruptcy.

For Instance, depending upon the type of bankruptcy, bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for either seven or 10 years. Hence future, it makes it difficult to obtain a credit card, car loan, or mortgage in the future.  It can affect your ability to get a job or rent and also means higher insurance rates. 

Know this Before Filing for Bankruptcy 

For the people who are deep in debt and see no way to pay their bills, bankruptcy is generally considered as a last resort. There are many alternatives available before filing for bankruptcy that is worth exploring. They are likely to do less loss to your credit record and are less expensive than bankruptcy. 

Creditors willing to negotiate is the best instance to quote. Some creditors will agree to accept reduced payments over a longer period rather than wait for a bankruptcy settlement and risk getting nothing at all. 

Call your loan servicer to see what options may be available to you in the case of a home mortgage. Sometimes the option for forbearance, a loan modification may be offered by the lender. 

How to File for Bankruptcy

Your first step should be to consult an attorney if you have decided to file for bankruptcy

Seeking the advice of a qualified attorney is strongly recommended because bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal outcomes when it is possible to file without one. Most cases are handled by federal bankruptcy courts, bankruptcy is governed by federal law although some rules differ from state to state. 

You will be required to attend a counseling session with a credit counseling organization approved by the Department of Justice’s U.S. Trustee Program before filing. The counselor should describe the alternatives to bankruptcy, and help you devise a budget plan and evaluate your financial situation. 

If you cannot afford to pay to counsel is free but according to  Federal Trade Commission, it should cost about $50. Your attorney can advise you on which type of bankruptcy is more appropriate for your situation if you still wish to proceed. 

What is a Personal Insolvency Agreement Australia?

Personal Insolvency Agreement Australia is an agreement between you and your creditors and is legally binding. For agreeing with your creditors there are flexible ways. You get the allowance to settle your debts without becoming bankrupt as they can help facilitate the arrangement of an agreement. Both the sum of money and the form of payment are decided by both parties. The offer may be a lump sum or a part payment of the debt. 

Personal Insolvency Agreements and Trustees 

A trustee is appointed in the personal insolvency agreement process. The trustee makes an offer to your creditors post taking control of your property. The trustee compares what the creditors would receive from a personal insolvency agreement in comparison to the person entering bankruptcy by making a report. 

A meeting with the creditors needs to be organized within 25 days of the trustee’s appointment. The agreement will be proposed to the creditors by the trustees at the meeting. The creditors will then be asked to vote on the agreement proposal and consider it. The majority of the creditors and 75% of the dollar value must vote yes to accept the proposal. This is also known as the special resolution. 

Acceptance of the Agreement

The creditors must follow and comply with the terms of the agreement if it is accepted by the creditors. They must comply and follow the terms of the agreement. This is the point when creditors will select a trustee for them. All the terms of the agreement will be managed by this trustee. No doubt controlling trustee is the same as the trustee but the creditors can choose another trustee. Creditors can vote again by special resolution if they do not accept the agreement. 


Hence, this was all that you need to know before filing bankruptcy. Insolvency Australia is also one of the best digital platforms that assists you well in finding the best insolvency practitioner for you. You can also search for an “insolvency practitioner near me” to get the best practitioner hired for the bankruptcy process. 

Apply for bankruptcy today with the help of insolvency Australia. Also, find another option you can avail yourself of other than bankruptcy to preserve your credit value.

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