floods Causing Havoc

Climate changes are causing a lot of problems in today’s world one of such problems is floods. When there is an overspill of water due to which area goes underwater. They usually occur near the areas nearby the river. Nowadays in cities too there is temporary logging for water in some areas due to high rainfall and there is no outlet for the water to percolate and move out as human interference with nature has increased. They build houses in flood-affected areas. This can be avoided if they ask for an elevation certificate, now what is an elevation certificate, it is a certificate that can in many cases avoid a flood-like situation in your area.

Flood has an impact on both individuals and communities which affects their life socially and economically. Environmentally too this is a disaster. Depending upon the location, duration, and flow of the water the impact may vary from place to place.

Studies suggest that there are five kinds of floods

  • River Flood
  • Coastal Flood
  • Storm Surge
  • Inland Flooding
  • Flash Flood

From the above list, everyone must be getting an idea that floods can happen in any part coastal region or in the heart of the city. We can have some brief details about the above-mentioned situations.

1. Floor River

When the water level in the river increases exponentially due to sudden heavy rain there is an overflow of water along the banks of the river. This flooding can happen in any part of the river and the stream channels. Here it includes everything from small streams to large rivers.

Some of the primary reasons for the floods in the river can due to heavy to excessive rainfall in the tropical regions due to which landfalls happens. Continues thunderstorms over a similar area for a large amount of duration. Also due to combined rainfall and snow melting in the mountainous area. This kind of flood can happen swiftly or steadily. Swift flooding can happen near small or big rivers, areas where steep valleys are there. In an area that is low-rising rivers can cause floods. This happens around the large river where they have large catchment areas.

2. Coastal Flood

We can say that the coastal area is the dry land along the coastal region along the sea. The coastal floods can happen due to high or low-pressure belts caused in that area, due to tidal surge, and sometimes due to barometric pressure. Some of the conditions typically come after storms in the sea. A Tsunami, tropical cyclones, Higher than average tides. Tsunami is so common in Japan that they have invented this word. Let us break this word “Tsu” means harbor and  “nami” means wave. They can be caused do the significant movement of water in the ocean or lakes, they most probably created due to the tectonic plate movement of the earth. They can also be caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions in mountainous parts, meteorite impacts, and landslides to can be a cause of Tsunami.

3. Storm Surge

Storm surge happens if there is an abrupt rise in the water level in the coastal region. It is mainly caused due to meteorological storms which are cause high tides on the coast which are bigger than the normal tides. The high tides are caused due to winds, waves, and low atmospheric pressure. This is the most dangerous form of a storm. It can cause flooding in large coastal areas and this can happen in a blink of an eye. This creates a panic-like situation for the people living in that area as there can be a huge loss of human life with the sudden changes in the environment and people are caught off guard. A large amount of flooding can happen when the storm surge happens during the high tide. Which may result in high tides up to 20 feet!  Meteorologist also thinks that storm surge is the most dangerous thing which can happen in a tropical system. Huge loss of property and life may because due to this.

4. Inland Flooding

These floods are caused due to human intervention in nature. They may occur in any area in the middle of the city or the coastal area too. We can blame rains for the inland flooding. But if it is raining cats and dogs or due to small showers also it can be a cause of inland flooding. In some areas, snow melting can be caused by floods but heavy rainfall the culprit most o the time. Also when the flow of the water is obstructed by ice, the debris of rocks, or by the dam. In urban areas, there is no way water can go out due to which we can see more cases of waterlogging in these areas.


Humans must learn fast, they must stop interfering with mother nature as the consequences of it are more devastating and long-lasting. Desperate measures must be taken by mankind before they become the victim of floods like natural disasters.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.