Khaleej exchange rate

Khaleej times, being one of the longest-running English newspaper in Dubai, allow you to search for any kind of exchange rates. In Dubai, due to changes in some economic conditions, the exchange rates are considerably affected. Due to this reason, the rates vary frequently. Plus, Khaleej Times is the only platform that provides you with the current and exact rates. Because the website is updated every hour by the developers to give you the best exchange rates.

Now, the question is why people prefer Khaleej exchange rate over others. There can be several reasons. Firstly, it is the leading daily English newspaper in Dubai. It means that it is a well-reputed platform due to which people visit it. Moreover, it has a wide network of social media platforms. Similarly, there are many other reasons why the Khaleej exchange rate is dominant over other websites.

AED to INR Khaleej Times           

To convert AED to INR, we would recommend you to visit Khaleej times. It is because this platform will provide you with the best and accurate exchange rates as compared to others. However, if you use other local websites for this conversion, you may face some issues regarding poor rates or high exchange fees.

Currently, the exchange rate of AED to INR on the Khaleej times is 20.15. It means that the worth of 1 AED is 20.15 INR. You can convert any amount of AED into INR using this exchange rate.

For this, you can simply visit the conversion menu and select AED to INR as your currency pair. Just enter the amount in AED, the site will automatically provide you the converted amount in INR. Additionally, there are no currency limit issues. Moreover, not only INR, but you can also convert AED into other digital and fiat currencies.

UAE Exchange Rate Today

To know today’s UAE exchange rates, you can visit various websites available on the internet. Before that let us tell you there have been many changes in the exchange rates in UAE due to variations in the economic conditions.

Firstly, if you want to change USD in UAE, then the exchange rate you get will be 3.67. So, to convert 100 USD, you will get 367.30 UAE Dirhams. Similarly, the exchange rate of the Pakistani Rupee in the UAE is 0.023. Basically, it means that 1 AED is equal to 43 PKR. Added, this exchange rate of PKR in the UAE has increased much recently.

If we come towards the exchange rate of INR, the value of 1 UAE Dirham is 20.20 INR. Concluded, if you want to know about other exchange rates, you can visit Khaleej times. There, you can search for any rate from the given table of exchange rates.

Today Gold Rates in Dubai

We know that gold rates change almost every day throughout the world. The same is the case with the gold rate UAE. In Dubai, gold rates are updated regularly when the prices change accordingly.

To get updated with today’s rates in Dubai, you can get through the Khaleej times gold rate. The platform is updated every hour. With this, you are provided with the latest pricing trends and changes in the gold rates.

Coming towards the gold rates, the price per 10 grams is nearly 89,400 in UAE Dirham. Similarly, 104,200 AED is the price per tola. On the other side, the price of 22 karat gold is a bit lower. Per 10 grams of 22 Karat gold is 81,949 AED. So, you can see all the rates are in the format of 1 gram, 10 grams, and tola.

Lastly, for more updates about live rates of gold, you can visit Khaleej times.

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