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Many reputed and giant enterprises adapt and rethink their HR management in 2021 and 2020 due to the global pandemic. The Human Resources managers of the organization have to keep in mind the need and well being of every employee. To do this, they have to follow the latest trends & importance of Human Resource Management and adapt them in the upcoming year 2022.

Trends in Human Resource Management 2022

1. Change in the Organizational and Management design

Innovations and changes in the workplace are not famous among the employees. The process involves a high restructuring and changing level to the work procedure. This change management is significant primarily for two reasons which are:

  • Responsive adaptation

Change management helps the employees in the work processes and rapid rethinking adaptation, with no train on the company or the employees.

  • Smooth change

Among many other things, the survey respondents found several ways to do the internal changes without disrupting the working process of the employees or giving stress to them.

The primary key of change management to become successful is resilience. Resiliency helps the employees cope with the change with ease, which is vital from the health and well-being perspective of the workplace.

2. People and Leadership management

Emotional intelligence is an indispensable competence and primary objective and importance of human resource management for leaders. The complexity in the enhanced work environment is the primary reason behind this. After the pandemic crisis, employees of the reputed organization are working in a hybrid model. The vital leadership qualities that a person should have for running a team are as follows.

  • Empathy

A leader should always include empathy towards their subordinates. A quick chat asking the employees how they are doing might make the day for others. The managers should also give their juniors a feeling they should be available to them in their time of need.

  • Offering Resources

The leaders also include an additional task of taking care of the team involving all the correct resources of working together with no difficulties. You have to recognize and identify the room for improvement for enabling smart work.

  • Mediation

In hybrid or remote teams, conflict among the team members can arise in various ways. You can reduce these conflicts by agreeing on a workshop date and affecting the accessibility.

3. Skill Management and Key competencies

The practice of prioritizing the employees’ skills is common in most organizations. But the urgency of learning skills development is in trend right now. Digitization has an enormous effect on the skills necessary and work procedures. As a result, skill management is becoming a hit to the best HR consultancy in Chennai companies for developing, deploying, and understanding employees and their best skills.

Before 2020, many organizations have recruited various skilled employees from all over the globe. But right now, it is not so easy due to different geographical restrictions for COVID-19. Thus the companies have to train their employees and promote them. In the coming years, the necessity for skilled employees will also enhance.

Importance of Human Resource Management in 2022

HR management is a modern approach to maintain the employees at work by focusing on the development, acquisition, maintenance, and utilization of human resources. HR management is development-centric and concerns all the management levels of the company. It offers proper space for employee performance, growth and involvement. It is now time to check out the significance & function of human resources management given below.

  • Maintenance of work-life quality

Work-life quality is the employee perception related to the working environment with the management. In other words, it is the relationship between total working surroundings and their employees. Work quality is the connection to the physical and psychological well-being of the employees. The importance of Human Resource Management is to obtain them through work freedom, recognition, autonomy, rewards, and belongingness.

  • Increasing the profit and productivity

HR management ensures the correct quantity and quality of the employees in the workplace by creating opportunities to motivate and facilitate groups or individuals to advance and grow their careers. Well-motivated employees work hard to meet the entire career goal, which also influences the organization’s productivity.

  • For matching the supply and demand of the human resources

HR management probes the recent human resources to a specific level to recognize if the organization has enough workers or not. If the answer is yes, the HR department can perform various activities like hiring and selection for balancing the need. In this same way, the top rated HR consultancy in Mumbaican terminate employees who are inefficient and do not have much productivity.

  • For retaining the employees and motivating them

Implementing HR management to the fullest and maintaining them in the enterprise for a longer term is a primary function. They perform various tasks like offering fringe advantages, rewarding and compensating the employees, and more. These functions help the HR management to retain the deserving employees in the company and achieve the goal of the organization efficiently.


Every organization should maintain a good reputation & ethics for sustaining in the current market. To do this, they have to follow the above trends and understand the importance of Human Resource Managementto dominate the market in 2022. Thanks for reading this article.

By Anurag Rathod

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