iPhone 11 worth buying

The iPhone, a dream gadget people, want to add to their lifestyle. Undoubtedly, the iPhone comes with a load of cutting-edge features and technologies that will fulfill your smartphone needs. Different models of iPhone have already become popular in the world of gadgets, and among these, iPhone 11 has become extremely popular among gadget lovers. The citizens of Lebanon are interested to know the iPhone 11 price in Lebanon before buying it.

iPhone 11 launched two years back, and hence many are still in doubt whether they should buy this phone in 2022 or not. iPhone 11 price in Lebanon 2021 was $799 at the launch time, and later on, the phone is available in the market at a discounted price of $599. Well, with the launch of the iPhone 13, people are curious to know whether it is viable to buy an iPhone 11 in 2022 or not. 

5G connectivity

The big competitor of iPhone 11 is iPhone 12 and 13, and these are available with 5G connectivity. But the iPhone 11 does not have 5G connectivity. iPhone 11 is designed with an LTE feature, and it suits those who do not care for the upcoming 5G connectivity perfectly. While you are searching for the price of the iPhone 11 in Lebanon, you need to consider the point above.

Quality of the display

If you have a plan to buy an iPhone 11, here you need to consider the display first. No doubt, iPhone 11 possesses an excellent display feature with a DCI p3 color gamut. The iPhone 11 contains a 6.1- inch display in comparison to the iPhone 13 with a 5.4-inch show. So, if you prefer an extensive collection, the iPhone 11 can be a good choice for you. But, the iPhone 12 is OLED designed, whereas the iPhone 11 is of an LED screen. No doubt, an OLED-designed screen works faster than an LED screen. Hence, before buying an iPhone 11, you need to check the above criteria to get the best advantage.

Wireless charging facility

It is nice to notice that most of the high-ranged phones come with advanced features like wireless charging. iPhone 11 is also available with this feature, but it is not as fast as iPhone 12. The new edition of the iPhone, i.e., iPhone 12, comes with a MagSafe wireless feature. The advanced facility, MagSafe, links the magnet and charges the phone fast. Well, if you want to get an iPhone 11 128 GB price in Lebanon, you need to think twice about whether you want the MagSafe facility or not.

Software support

The iPhone 11 is updated with the latest version of iOS 14.8. Hence, gadget users can buy this phone without any hassle. The phone also supports getting updated to the next version of iOS 15 by the end of 2025.

How durable is the iPhone 11?

Every gadget lover must have the proper answer to the above query before opting for the iPhone 11 64 GB price in Lebanon and buying the one. No doubt, all iPhones come with immense durability and hence the iPhone 11 too. The hardy glass and metal body of the phone will keep it safe from a fall. Well, iPhone 12 has a more advanced level of durability as it has a ceramic shield.

Battery longevity

iPhone 11 comes with 3110 mAh battery life, and it is no doubt an excellent battery life. Many are curious that it has a shorter battery life than an android phone. Well, the size of the battery of the iPhone is small, and its durability is splendid. The screen to push in the iPhone is just 720p, and hence it does not waste much battery. Still, the iPhone 11 seems to have a longer battery life than the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 has only a 2812 mah battery but works excellent with a 5 mm process chip. So, all iPhone users need to consider the battery before checking the iPhone 11 purple price in Lebanon or other countries.

Advanced accessories

While you opt for iPhone 11, you will get all advanced official accessories, but these are limited in numbers. Buyers can have huge third-party covers and cases, but Apple’s accessories are limited. But, it does not happen with the newly launched iPhone 12. It comes with all necessary apple accessories like MagSafe. That is because the price of the iPhone 12 is $200 more than the iPhone 11.

Camera features

No doubt, the iPhone 11 comes with an advanced camera feature with a 12mp dual lens rear camera. But there is a slight difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. The camera of the iPhone 12 has been upgraded to a wide-angle lens that is featured with ƒ/1.6 aperture. Whereas, iPhone 11 comes with a feature of ƒ/1.8 aperture. This difference is the iPhone 12 to capture more low-light images with excellent quality. So, check how much is the iPhone 11 in Lebanon before you opt to buy the one.

Final Verdict

So, we can conclude that before you check the iPhone 11 price in Lebanon, it is necessary to check the above comparison before you opt to buy an iPhone 11 in upcoming years. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.