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There are a lot of challenges and difficulties while running an online conference or attending one. There are a lot of things to look after such as booking the tickets, booking the place, the hotel stay, the flights and many more… 

But even though there are many challenges we need to face them with patience because in the end one gets immense joy after conducting or attending an online international conference. 

Read the table below to learn about the International Conference: Online v/s Offline? Whatever may be the case here is our take on the pros and cons of attending an international conference.

International Conference: Online v/s Offline?

MoneyYou save a lot of money. Talking about the money we are saying that you do not need to book tickets or rent a room at the hotel for you to stay if you are visiting another continent.  There are some costs money you have to take in for the virtual event, just a thousand bucks. About 
Less Time WastedDuring an online event, everything just takes place quickly. Plus there is no extra time that is wanted such as tea breaks or lunch breaks as such.  There may be some waste of time due to inconvenience in your network. 
Easy Note TakingThere is no need to bring books, pens, notepads, and other sources that you will need to bring along to take and memorize notes. All you will need is Evernote or your phone’s notes.  There might be no hard copy for you to refer to in the future. One may have to be very careful about storing the notes in your google drive. 
Fast Planning and Set-upAll you need is a laptop, the link to join the meeting or the webinar, and a good wifi connection with a good place to sit. Once the conference is over, you can simply log out and shut down your PC. A con here would be poor internet connectivity. If there is a power cut in your area then you may have to keep your devices well charged before the meeting. 
Promote Online for Wider OutreachIf you are the presenter, you do not need to spend extra effort and money on advertisements and old-style marketing like door-to-door announcements. All you need is a social media account and great creativity to promote your posts about the conference. It might happen that not everyone knows about the conference through ads and social media posts if they are not active on social media platforms. 

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By Anurag Rathod

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