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Interior decorating of a house or any place is a way of creating a space or an environment which one loves. A well-decorated house or even an office can have a lot of effect on a person’s mood, health, and productivity. Some researchers believe that the people who decorate the houses either themselves or by a professional, are more likely to be content and well within their surroundings. In comparison to the people who work or sleep in the dirty surroundings. This is mainly because a dirty and messy space means a cluttered mind.  Believe it or not, your surroundings have a great impact on your overall lifestyle. 

The role of interior designers:

Interior designers play a great role in bringing out the look of a house. Many people have a variety of ideas for interior decorating in North West London their house but they are unable to implement them. This is where an interior designer steps it. They either bring their own ideas to the table or them your creative ideas to give the best possible outcome of an aesthetically pleasing environment. The ideas effectively represents how a space can be decorated as well as effectively used. 

An interior designer is responsible for:

  • Selecting the design, fabrics, and textile of a curtain and drapery rods
  • They effectively decide which type and design of blind and shades will match with the theme of a house
  • From wallcovering and wallpaper to ceiling fans, cornice boards, lamps and chandeliers, beddings, home décor, etc. everything has been researched and decided beforehand. 

Creation of 3D’s: 

After the ideas have been exchanged between the designer and the client, now comes the time for the designer to implement these ideas and create 3D’s so that the client has a better idea of what will be the final outlook of their house. The whole point of making 3D’s is to satisfy the clients and make changes in the decoration ideas if required. 3D creation is an important part of the designer’s job because without it the client will have no idea about the final outlook of the house interior. 

Shopping for interior decorating products:

As some of you, who have interior decorated their house themselves might know that finding the right products for interior decorating is extremely hard and tiring stuff to do. Shopping malls have a huge collection of home decorating items and products hence, it becomes difficult to pick and choose from a large variety of ideas. To ease the shopping process of the homeowners, interior decorators usually provide their clients with a list of stores having good quality stuff at reasonable prices. This will help the client in their executive process. Buying quilting fabric, drapery fabric, upholstery fabric, tassels, and other products from a designer shop can be very expensive. For this purpose, interior designers might have textile designers to whom they are affiliated with and can get high-quality stuff at reasonable prices. Or they might know other local shops which can provide the clients with some quality pieces.

By Anurag Rathod

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