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Do you wish to try something different for Easter? You can induce a new spark in the age-old tradition of Easter Egg by decorating something new. You can break out of the mold and try out a wide variety of painted, decoupaged, or monogrammed Easter Egg designs.

If you are not sure where to begin, you can take a look at the following list.

Speckled Egg Garland

The Speckled Egg Garland is a sight to behold. If you wish to prepare it, you have to use an awl to poke holes in the ends of papier-mâché eggs. You can then paint the eggs in white or robin’s-egg blue. You can use acrylic paint on turquoise. You then spatter it with dark blue paint once it is dry. Finally, you should thread twine through the holes, and hang it. If you wish, you can add a tassel detail. 


Basket-Inspired Easter Egg

If the idea of a meta Easter egg seems appealing to you, you can go for this decoration. All you have to do is draw a basket on the white egg front. For this, you can use a brown pint pen. Following this, you should use a pastel paint pen to draw the eggs. Next, you have to add details on the eggs using a white paint pen. But, you must make sure that the pen is dry.

Glow-in-the-Dark Eggs

You can go for this decoration if you have an early-morning or late-night Easter egg hunt. For this, you would require hard-boiled eggs, shaving cream, neon paint, a shallow container, paper towels, etc. You have to let the eggs sit in the shaving cream for a while. After all sides of the eggs have seeped in the shaving cream, you have to place each egg on a paper towel. In the end, you have to wrap paper towels around the eggs and squeeze gently, so that the shaving cream gets removed.

Cross-Stitch Initial Easter Egg

If you want an easy decoration for Easter, you can go for this. You don’t have to be an artist to prepare the decoration. Just draw small x’s, in order to mimic the cross-stitches with a paint pen. You can go for the shape of an initial on dyed or natural eggs. If you are writing an essay on Easter egg decoration, you can include this point. And if you need assignment help, hire a professional writer.

Watercolor Gingham Easter Egg

This decoration will be praiseworthy if you manage to pull it off. The design is not intricate. All you really need is watercolors and a flat-tipped bristle brush. And then you have to simply paint horizontal stripes on a white egg. In the end, you have to paint vertical stripes in a complementary color, once the paint gets dry.

Sprinkle Easter Eggs 

If you are unable to figure out which decoration you should try out, you can just add sprinkles. Just ensure that you have faux craft egg or lean empty eggshell, along with a shallow bowl of nonpareil sprinkles. Next, you brush about ¼ of the egg. You can use a generous amount of Mod Podge, and rely on a spoon to sprinkle nonpareils onto the wet glue. You should allow the eggs to cure overnight before using them for decoration.

Lemon Easter Egg

The lemon egg decoration is extremely cute. To bring the decoration to life, you should dye an egg yellow. Next, you should draw small spots with a black paint pen. This resembles a lemon’s exterior. In the end, you should roll a small rectangle of brown felt into a tube. While doing so, you should hold it closed with hot glue, and attach green felt leaves. And you have to glue the stem to the egg.

Stamped Easter Eggs

Here, you will be trading basic dyes for a chalk stamp pad. To get a complex design, press a small stamp into the pad and place it evenly onto the surface of the egg. Repeat the process as you feel necessary. Once you are content with your design, set the ink by pointing your hair dryer to the lowest setting. Make sure to dry it off properly.

Gold Leaf Tulip Easter Egg

You can draw a tulip on a natural egg to create this inspired decoration. Next, you have to paint the inside of the drawing with Mod Podge. You must allow it to sit until it’s tacky. Lastly, lay a sheet of gold leaf over the drawing. For this, use a soft brush to press onto the glue. Carefully brush away the excess foil, once adhered.

Vintage Botanicals Easter Egg

This is an old-school design which was inspired by vintage botanicals. You can create it easily by printing out copies of your favorite versions of the vintage blooms. Next, you have to cut out the flowers and green leaves. Finally, you have to attach it to dyed or natural eggs with Mod Podge.

Bright Egg Votives

Bright egg votives make a gorgeous table centerpiece. You have to dry out the hollow eggs and then gently break the shell with a spoon. You have to remove the top third. Next, you have to dye the rest of the egg. Once it’s dry, you can beautifully light up the dining table by placing a tea light candle inside.

Gold Animal Eggs

The kids are just going to love this design. All you need is a pack of the kids’ favorite mini animals. And you can attach them to the egg, as perfectly proportioned adornments. On top of that, you can add a bit of gold paint and glitter. Meanwhile, if you face trouble writing the Easter Egg essay, you can hire essay writers from an academic service provider.

Confetti Easter Eggs

If you want to try out this decoration, you will need eggs, craft paint, paintbrushes, Mod Podge, a drying rack, and foil confetti.You have to pain the eggs first, and then dry them out. Next, you have to apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the area you want covered in confetti. Following this, you should immediately sprinkle confetti.

Fruit-Stamped Eggs

There is nothing to groan about as this decoration is more than just fruits. You need new pencils, ink pads, white faux eggs, an X-Acto knife, a thin green Sharpie, and background filler eggs. You can create the stamps using pencil erasers and then add ink. If you visit, you will get to know about the details.

  • Ombré Easter Eggs

You can build this dramatic display with just two 0.25-ounce vials of blue dye. Set out six 12-ounce glasses, labeled A through F. You can add one cup of boiling water and two teaspoons of white vinegar to each and stir. You have to mix in color: A, two drops; B, six drops; C, 10 drops; D, 20 drops; E, 45 drops; F, 60 drops. Following this, submerge a hard-boiled egg in each glass. You have to steep for five minutes, and then remove and place in an empty egg carton to dry.

These are some of the decorations that you can try out on the occasion of Easter. Let us know which one you tried out, and how did it turn out to be.

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