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Familiarizing babies with solid foods is a major breakthrough in their growth. In this age of food adulteration, finding the right baby foods is truly a concern. Thereon, e-commerce sites like Shopoth online shopping lend a helping hand.

While starting baby foods, you are opening them up to a brand new world of flavors. It is crucial to put them on the right path to growing strong and healthy. Adding the right foods to a baby’s diet will help them easily adapt to daily food.

The transition of food should be smooth. Nonetheless, there are many things you need to know, e.g., how and when to start, where to buy, etc.

We’ll talk about all these in this article, so keep reading.

Why Babies Need Solid Foods?

Babies need enough nutrients as they get older. Feeding only milk or formula milk is not enough for the baby’s growth and development. They need more nutrients such as zinc, iron, etc.

In their first 6 months, babies get iron from the iron stored in their bodies. They also get iron from infant formula or breastmilk. As they grow, these stored iron are not sufficient for their development.

So after 6 months, they need to start solid foods. The food must include all the nutrients they need for their growth. However, introducing solid food is also essential to develop their eating habits.

Babies should experience new tastes and textures of different types of food. It strengthens their teeth and jaws. It is said that the habit of eating solid foods builds their skills for language development.

When to Introduce Solid Foods to the Baby?

Although it is advisable to start solid foods after 180 days, preparation should start earlier. There is a dispute among doctors about exactly when to start a baby’s solid foods. Some say right after 180 days, while others say in between 4 and 6 months.

Their digestive system should be ready for solid foods by 6 months. Ideally, they get sufficient nutrients from breastmilk or formula milk until 6 months. Some signs define whether your baby is ready for solid food.

  • Baby can sit in their comfort as they have good neck and head control.
  • When they show interest in foods and look after your plate during mealtime
  • When they try to catch your food and open their mouth when you offer them food
  • When the baby can push the food to the back of their throat

How to Introduce Solid Foods to Baby?

The first step is to introduce solid foods to the baby by starting with pure and mashed foods. They are used to breastmilk from their birth which is sweet in flavor. So start with fruits. Then gradually move to the boiled vegetables and then to rice.

Give any for 2-3 days and notice if the baby has an allergy to the food. Do not add salt or sugar to the baby’s food. Before starting with too much food at once, it is better to start gradually. Feed them food in a spoon.

Give any food in a small teaspoon and see how it reacts. If they refuse, don’t force them. Give the food again after a week or two. That doesn’t mean you’ll give up with that food. You should try that food 20 times, so they like it.

Moreover, try foods in different forms. If the baby doesn’t like the food in puree form, try mashed food. This way, they can get familiar with the new textures of the food. Don’t give up until your baby gets used to solid foods.

Where to Buy Solid Baby Foods?

Recently, online shopping has become the best option to get all the essential baby products at home. This pandemic has changed our shopping habits. Indeed, we cannot go into the crowd and check everything one by one.

But thanks to the e-commerce platforms that allow you to buy the best products at home. Many parents have already chosen online shopping to purchase essential baby items. As far as baby food is concerned, you should buy it from the best store.

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Final Words

Solid foods are essential, along with breastmilk, for a baby’s physical and mental development. Hence you shouldn’t wait too long to start solid food. You’ve already learned when to and how to start with solid baby foods. So start with the right food at the right time.

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