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In case you experience an unexpected or sudden loss of the loved one. Either your partnership, parent, pet, and somebody close to you even if she or he is not your blood relative. It is always painful to withstand the pain of losing your loved one .in most occasions, and sudden death is due to accidents or other tragic circumstances. When you cannot attend the funeral, you may write and send condolence. The following are the funeral messages.

The loss of a parent

. How you will miss her /him –say what you miss from her/him what good you miss from her.

. How you loved her, say how you used to love her and how she was your good friend to you.

. Say how it’s hard to say goodbye to her since you hard true love it’s painful to let her go.

. Please share your memories, how you used to be with your parent when she still alive, how she taught you how to become the responsible person you are now but say how best she did it to you to achieve your dreams, say how you are filling big because she made you a self-responsible guy.

The loss of a spouse 

Share your relationship, what you shared with was it unique to you and how successful it was to your life, say how you loved each other.   

. Complement the deceased .say how the guy was fun, how he was the most vibrant person you ever meet in your life.

Say how you believed in him and how he had constructive advice to you.

. Also, share your memories of how you came to know each other, and you have helped each other since you come to know each other, for example. When I come to know Mr.Jack was a very hardworking guy who always advises me how to become a successful guy. He helps me on many occasions until I am now.

Loved to him –say if you had loved each other and was your cooperation successful.

Loss of a child 

Complement more about your child how good was how good and respectful the child was; for example, Gloria was an obedient girl who completes her duties early. 

Share your love to hear how the child used to show much love to you.

Long flower funeral card messages 

How to come up with a funeral card message for flowers

. Say that in loving memory a faithful and caring friend you will miss her always and forever 

. Write to her how he was always bringing a lot of joy and happens to you, and you will lose it forever 

Say that you will treasure her every moment you shared, and you miss her until you meet again and always wish her to rest in peace until you meet again 

A funeral flower card for your mom or your dad 

Missing you, Dad, I will always leave to remember you for the rest of my life. 

You were the best dad, and I love you and hope that we will meet again in God’s plan. Say goodbye to him /her one day. 

You were the best friend I used to have in the world. I will miss you 

Love you, Dad, rest in peace 

Write How to religious message funeral flower cards. 

Always may God be you as you will always remain in our hearts forever 

May God place you to rejoice with the angels in heaven? 

I pray for you that wherever you are going, may God be with you 

I pray that may God be with you as you rest well 

May you rejoice and, together with heavenly angels, pray for us as we will meet again in heaven when God will. Funeral card messages for flowers are best for religious people.

Message to the family Funeral message

We remember you, your wonderful, and your grateful heart will always leave a mark in our hearts forever.

You had a very grateful heart that will leave a lot of memories in our hearts. 

We are feeling so sad to lose you as my best mentor. You are leaving us with much sadness, but we pray that you may rejoice with angels in heaven.

After all that you did to us, we are happy to what you used to advise us with it will help us forever but we will leave with full memories that you have left to us may you rest in peace. 

We wish you love to bring comfort that will make us remember you forever 

Funeral flower message for the bereaved

I am sorry for your loss as we are going to miss you 

We are all with you thinking about you during this challenging time 


Funeral card messages for flowers are written when there is a sudden loss of the loved one. As stated above, they are always different, and most of the time, they are read by somebody else.

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