Top 10 Tips Which Helps You to Write Your First Book

Writing a book is not easy as its look like. It’s a dream of a lot of people to write a book, Maybe based on their own life story or sharing a creative skills. In a present research at least 90% of people want to write and publish their own books.

Write as much as possible

In order to start writing, you have to get an idea on what you want to write. This may be a short story, a book or anything really. If you are into blogging or social media and you write about yourself or your life experience, you might want to consider writing a book. But for the ones who don’t know anything about writing, here are some tips that might help you.

Have lots of ideas With lots of ideas, you can easily write about any kind of topic or idea you like. Nowadays, a lot of people have ideas for various books which would make good reads. When I was a student, I had the idea of writing a book on the Black Day where the students were blocked in college and many students died as a result of the violence.

Create a plan

Pick a writer and work with them. For small scale book, then you don’t need much money. It is possible to do it on your phone. If you are going to do big scale then you need at least 1-2 months to go for writing. Give your writer some time to think and get the right inspiration. Serve your writers hot drinks Shake up their ideas.

Participate To make your book more attractive and popular, you can interact with your reader through your Facebook or Twitter account. Create a free mini course and share it with your readers. Tell them what you learned on this course. If they are interested, they will definitely give you feedback. They will love your book more if you make a free mini course. Share your own story Share your experience on your blog and write about it.

Set deadlines

Setting deadlines for yourself is one of the best ways to get yourself to work on your book. Making a deadline, a good exercise to establish with yourself, “I can get it finished by X day or I can’t get it finished by X day” helps you achieve your goal of writing your book. Have a writing place Many people don’t have a dedicated place to write, but make one. Do not have your laptop in the bathroom and try to write in a restaurant.

It will save you a lot of distractions and will give you the motivation to sit and write your book. Don’t worry Try not to worry about the price of your book. It will cost you more than getting a good book made professionally. Focus on the quality and style of your book not the amount.

Plan your story

A lot of people start their book without any idea about their book and their own story. Before starting your book you have to plan your story. Try to think about the story you want to share. This will help you in story line and your flow. Invest a lot of time in writing Once you have started your book you have to stick to it. You have to take care of your book because it could mean your big money in the future.

Do not forget to invest lot of time in your book. Write for at least 30 minutes per day. And when you are finished with your work you feel good and excited that you have done a good job. Revise your book You should revise your book after a while. Especially if you have written it quickly. Editing a book can really make your book better.

Use action and dialogue

  1.  An effective book contains action, dialogue, conflict, and resolution. Action is what your main character does; conflict is the ongoing conflict between your hero and his villain; and resolution is what happens in the climax. You can’t get away with simply telling the story. You must use concrete examples and examples of concrete events. Find your voice.
  2. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “What is my voice?” If not, then, when writing, don’t be afraid to look within. There are thousands of books, many of them superb. It is hard to find your voice, but find it. If you find it, you’ll have written a winner. Choose a good name for your book.
  3. First of all, choose a good name for your book. The most important thing in a book is the title.

Develop your characters

Characters play a major role in your book. Who they are, what they want, what they feel and how they will react to any situation. Always make sure that they are the main characters in the book. If they are not important then they shouldn’t be in the book. The character should also look like you.

If not you should try to find a good picture or drawing of yourself and your character in order to look the character. You need to read the actual human story, which is unique to you. If you see some wrong personality traits in your character then change them in your book. To write a good novel you need to get inside the mind of the characters. I’ve seen a lot of best-selling book that people didn’t read the books but based on other works of the author.

Choose the right tense

Write fast Don’t hesitate The story starts now Everybody will want to read it I will have this book in five years These are the 10 tips that will help you to write a book. These strategies will speed up the process. It is not difficult to write a book. If you follow these ideas, you will have a book in your hands in a week or so.

Create conflict

Let your readers feel you standing between them and their dreams. Illustrate Make them think you have a photographic memory. Write an outline this will help you organize your ideas and figure out which part is the most important to write. Break up your writing sessions The more you write the more likely you are to finish your book. Instead of finishing 1,000 words in 30 minutes it might take you 2-3 hours.

Tell stories Let your characters speak for you and make your book engaging. Listen Let your readers know you care about their problems. Show them what you know. Postdate when you finish your book you should postdate it. This way your first readers can grab it and read it before you postdate it. Publish Finish your book and contact an editor, then go public.


In this blog post I have shared 10 tips to help you write your first book. Follow these tips and write your first book today. I love to write books related to romance, if you are love of Sad Romance Novels. Then, I have huge collection of it. Check out and make sure to give a review of how it is written according to your point of view.