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In present days it’s been too much difficult to start your business. IF you barely done it then , the first problem you will face after an initial start that how could you get sales on that & what are the possible ways to increase your business ROI?

Because, today’s market is getting to much competitive, so for new comers it would be a nightmare that how we provoked our grounds in the market?

Because with an innovated idea is something extra ordinary. If are unable to cater your audience according to the expectations, so your idea wouldn’t be enough worthy for you & your expectations start getting down. 

To make it more enough worthy for the audience you have to make some sort of strategy which gives you result according to your needs & for that thing you have to keep an eye on your compitetors edge & make strategies according to it. 

As well know that technology radically encloses all the aspects either it should be related to our personal life, professional life or in terms of business all the things are getting up to date according to the new technological trends. 

From the past decades to till today technology & business has been travelling parallel. It’s human nature that they mold out their selves according to the trends. So everything which are related to them automatically mold out, so it also implies on the business growth as well. 

Suppose you stick to old business strategy & after times you will start freaking out why I can’t get enough sales & growth in business. Are the products that I am offering are out dated now?

Before go out & finding desire solution. First take a look on your followings. Which strategies & marketing techniques you are using for your business most importantly did you really think that now it’s time to remodel business plan?
If yes! Then do it.

Model Your Business Strategy According To Market Trends  

In advanced era all the things are just on your fingertips, you don’t need to move an inch. By sitting at your place do whatever you want to do. Because technology type things easier than before. 

As it same goes for the business as well, if you are well familiar with technology then you will definitely want to collaborate your business with new advanced technology which are suitable for your needs as well.

As I mentioned above that technological trends change the perception & style of everything. The thing which gets so much affected from this is window shopping or online shopping. 

Almost every retailer or wholesaler switched to the e-commerce platform, because after analyzing such technical trends & they feel that people getting more engaged in online shopping, so they remodel their business plans & mold it out according to the consumers. 

Because it is pretty much sure that no business couldn’t be run effectively until & unless you can come up with impeccable business plan & innovative marketing strategies. 

Moreover, if don’t have any marketing plan for your business, then your business is just like rotten peanuts for you. For the impeccable business turnover or marginal revenue.

 There are some essential points which are important to consider or might help you to increase your business ROI. In this blog, I am going to highlight those essential points, which are the game changer for your business ROI.

9 Essential Points To Increase ROI

Be Target Oriented

The main drawback of not getting too many sales or your annual turnover couldn’t up to expectations like previous is that you are unable to cater your target audience.

Suppose you have an online store of t-shirts, and you are offering different design of tees according to the market place, everyone does not need to become your customer.

 They generously visit your sites and if they couldn’t find that thing that he/she is seeking will bounce back. For more sales, the main thing you have to contemplate

  • You have to know about your target audience.
  • Workout more on your marketing strategies.
  • Make a strategy to penetrate in the market. 

Your Product Must Be Problem Solving 

The central aspect is to scale up your revenues is that you have to stick to your product mission because it helps you to gain consumers’ attention, to be successful enough; you need to find a niche statement to understand the market.

There are some points to deliberate, which helps you to segment your product in the market. 

  • You have to be aware by problems that consumers are facing.
  • Keep update yourself with new fashion trends, it creates a good impact of yours on targeted audience mind.

Relevant Solution to the Problems

The main thing is that your product must be the proper statement of problems because if you go for an e-commerce platform, there are some regions where people can’t find that particular thing which they are seeking.

So you have done with your homework for specific areas and analyze the problems then designed your product according to those analyses. Because it’s human nature that they always attract towards new trend in market, so “be trend setter not a trend follower”

Aligned Your Online Store Properly 

Once you are done with your niche target audience and product statement, the main thing after these is that you have to align your store properly if you running an e-commerce store.

 According to it your product stores are aligned properly. Now I am going to share some points, which are essential to keep in mind before aligning your e-commerce store.

  • Storefront settings
  • Currencies.
  • Payments Procedures.
  • Tax Returns.
  • Shipping Policies.
  • Quantity & Quality you offer. 

Offer Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs progressively help you out in reaching your customers in a hassle free manner. It’s simply quicker and easier for an affiliate to generate revenue by counting impressions than counting sales.

Moreover, if you offer exciting deals, coupons & promotional codes on your brand then you have get in touch in with different affiliation sites like flippy discount, Amazon, EBay & many more who are considered top notch in this domain.

By doing this you will start getting results in small tenure, might be you are successful in getting sales & revenue growth as well. 

Market Penetration

Market penetration is such a crucial aspect because the term “market penetration” used for your existing products which are still on the top.

 Although the market penetration is an attempt to increase your sales, growth and revenue on the present products in the market. Consequently it also helps you to know about consumer needs and how your current product will be the solution to present problems.

 Besides it also gives you a brighter sight to know about the trends of the market. Whereas, market penetration includes some of the criteria which considered as the most effective elements of this domain.

  • Boost up your marketing strategies in an aggressive way.
  • Increasing service to improve your renewal rates
  • Try to reach out to your competitor’s costumers directly.

Market Development

The term market development defined as to introduce your current products in the new market. However, many organizations try to reach out to the audience through advertisements or ADS according to the geographic region.

Hence, most of the organizations try to collaborate with the international forums and organization for the expansion of their company or try to get exposure of the global market which helps the organization to design such products which are feasible for the international market as well.

If I talked about the t-shirts business most of the giants are doing this business from the past recent years & it been almost a decay for some of the giants, so they
are pretty much aware by the people’s mindset what they actually want to out on

Or wear?

Because there are many brands available in the market, so it doesn’t mean that every brand is for you. People choose it according to their needs.

Because everyone has a different mindset & they used to wear different kinds of stuff, having different styles of t-shirts like Next Level T-shirts Brand.

Additionally most of them are to brand conscious, so they prefer to wear top rated brands like Gildan, Hanes & many more. For the international market exposure here are some points which play an active role in the market development segment.

  • Research Analysis 
  • Pricing of the Product 

Product Development

Whereas, product development is also an essential pillar of the market segmentation process. Accordingly this term refers to offering new or improved products to present markets according to the market trends and consumers. 

As far as the t-shirts are concerned, they are known as the products for all season, almost in every season people used to wear t-shirts with other apparels. These t-shirts are the most feasible option for everyone.

But on the other hand, the designs of t-shirts are changing continuously according to the trends or consumers demand. For product development, there are some crucial points which are considered as the critical points for new products development.

  • Working closely with your consumers & keep updating them through different social forums. 
  • Try to build good relationship with consumers.
  • Find effective ways to satisfy your target market.

Let Your Consumers Decide From Which Thing They Attracted Most.

When it comes to the selection of perfect tees, you have a versatile collection from where consumers tend to choose it quickly, allows your audience to decide what he/she needs. If he/she doesn’t find that particular tee, then ask for their feedback, which helps you to update your collection and ready for the next time.


Don’t Let Your Self Keep Striving Hard

Patience is the foremost important aspect in every business, either you are running a company, or you are running an e-commerce platform. 

. After the implementation of those rules, it doesn’t mean from the very next day you are getting extra ordinary sales. 

Sometimes it just happened you had done with your homework and getting not much result up to your expectations. 

At that time, you have to think with patience and keep trying until you will succeed. 

In my personal opinion for desired success, you have to continue your homework and keep monitoring the needs of consumers. Most importantly try to think out of the box, which proved as a game-changer for you.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.