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You are planning on selling your engagement ring but are not sure how? You are not in this alone, don’t worry. Letting go of something so personal can be very difficult, but you should hold your wits about yourself, whatever your reasons for selling it. We will explain how to sell your engagement ring and get the most out of it in this article.

Know Your Engagement Ring and the Factors that Affect It

The 4Cs 

The Gemological Institute of America considers 4 key factors while evaluating diamonds. These are known as the 4Cs. They are the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of a diamond. You must understand that these factors play a crucial role in determining the value of your diamond engagement ring. 

Diamond Certificate

If you have a diamond certificate for your engagement ring, then you are in for some good news! Diamond certificates from reputed labs list all the important features of a diamond and show that your diamond is real. All in all, your engagement ring will have a higher resale value if it comes with a diamond certificate.

Diamond Symmetry, Polish and Fluorescence 

Apart from the 4Cs, you must be aware of several other factors that are usually kept in mind while assessing diamonds. Of these, diamond polish, symmetry, and fluorescence are very important. It varies for each diamond, and its effect is clear on the final appearance of the ring. So if your engagement ring has good symmetry and polish, its resale value will automatically be high.

Metal Setting 

Metal is an important component in the case of engagement rings. Now, when you sell your engagement ring, you will also receive money for the metal – be it gold or any other valuable metal. To make matters easy for yourself, you should go for a jewelry appraisal of your engagement ring.

It will give you the true value of your engagement ring and make it simpler for you to negotiate with potential buyers.Gold prices tend to fluctuate daily, so be prepared for an increase or even a dip in the final price that you receive for the gold.

Note that the value of gold in an engagement ring is calculated only after removing any stone or diamond attached to it. 

Now let us come to the key question: where and how to sell your engagement effortlessly?

1.     Local Jewelry Stores 

If you are a first-time seller with next to no experience selling jewelry, you should begin by approaching your local jewelry stores. It would help if you gave the decision to the one where you originally bought your engagement ring from. 

Very often, jewelry stores offer to buy back old jewelry like engagement rings. If they offer a reasonable price and are trustworthy, such local stores can be a good option. 

But you will soon realize that these jewelers will offer you less than what your engagement ring may be worth. So, if the sum offered is very less, do not sell your engagement ring to such stores. Rather, go for private buyers and get your preferred price. 

2.     Pawn Shops and Thrift Stores

You can approach your local pawn shop or thrift stores if you are looking to sell your engagement ring instantly. Quite obviously, the biggest advantage of selling your engagement ring to a pawn shop is that you receive instant cash payment with no further hassle.

But you should know that here, the problem lies in the amount you get. Unfortunately, most jewelry thrift stores and pawnshops do not come equipped with an in-house expert to properly evaluate and assess your engagement ring. 

Preferably, they will offer you an amount that has been calculated to minimize their losses. After that, they end up re-selling your engagement ring for much higher prices and make huge profits. So, why be a fool? Approach such specialist buyers like Sell Your Jewelry on your own and get the best deals.

3.     Sell Your Jewelry – the trusted choice

Based in Singapore, Sell Your Jewelry provides a user-friendly platform for anyone who wishes to sell their engagement ring in quick and easy steps. With a vast global network of satisfied customers, they are a reputed and trustworthy choice. 

Can you sell your engagement rings effortlessly with Sell Your Jewelry? Don’t worry, and the entire process is completely user-friendly and hassle-free.

Fill the form with all your details to book a free appointment. After this, a gemologist will contact you to schedule the appointment, during which your engagement ring will be evaluated professionally, with the utmost care. 

An appropriate price will be determined. Then, if you choose to receive the offer, you can simply walk away with instant money.

Note that there are no hidden charges associated with Sell Your Jewelry on how to sell your engagement ring. 

Trade-in Option Available

In case you are searching to purchase another piece of jewelry after selling your engagement ring, then Sell Your Jewelry has something special for you. Under their trade-in plan, you get to trade in your old engagement ring and opt for store credit.

You can then access this store credit once you decide on the new jewelry you wish to purchase. The credit counts will be diminished from the price of the new jewelry, and you need to pay the difference.

The process for a trade-in is the same as that of selling engagement rings. You just need to fill out a form and visit our Singapore office to assess your engagement ring and let the gemologist know that you are interested in the trade-in plan. Rest assured, they will manage everything.

By Anurag Rathod

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