Select & Style Men’s Chino Trousers

Chino pants are undoubtedly an essential trouser style for men. Versatile and fashionable, men’s chino trousers are one of the must-haves in a wardrobe. They are ideal for casual looks and work with smart ensembles, making them amazing garments.

But finding and deciding how to style men’s chino trousers can be challenging. So if you also find yourself in a dilemma, don’t worry. We are here to help. Find here a complete guide on selecting and styling men’s chino trousers to look your best in everything you wear.

What are chino trousers for men?

Chinos are a type of trouser popularised by the American military. Soldiers wore uniforms with robust cotton compositions, wide enough to generally skim the body. And chinos originated from such military wear.

In formal terms, chinos are less formal than dress pants and more dressy than casual jeans. They are in between. These pants are available in cotton and cotton-blend materials, allowing the wearer to dress up or down as they wish. They are a great business casual option, but they can also be good for date nights or hanging out with friends.

How to select the right chinos for men?

The key to pulling off any chino pants is selecting the one with a perfect fit. The pants should not be too wide or too long. A perfectly fit chino sits just above the hip, at the natural waist, and fits at the knees and hips but not too tight. The pants should gently taper from the knee down and sometimes gather at the ankles.

For formal occasions, choose a chino that mimics the look of a dress pant, ensuring it sits comfortably on the hips and does not bunch. To dress them down, Roll the bottom cuff about 1.5-2 inches up for a cuffed look.

Another thing you should keep in mind when selecting men’s chino trousers is a waist raise. The raise should not be too high or low. Moreover, flat fronts are a must when it comes to chino pants. So they should not be pleated.

What to wear with Chinos?

Chinos are versatile garment that goes with almost everything in your wardrobe, making them remarkably easy to style. For a more casual look, pair your chinos with chambray or linen shirts tucked into the pants for a look appropriate for sunny days. Similarly, a solid t-shirt or sweatshirt also works wonders to make your chino look more stylishly casual.

To make a formal appearance, pair it with a dress shirt and a coat of contrasting coloured suit for men. The mismatched look will effectively amp up your appearance. Furthermore, layering a shirt under a cardigan or sweatshirt is the best way to style chino on winter days. Chinos are especially perfect for creating a business casual look for workplaces. When it comes to dressing up these trousers, you have myriad ways to do that.

Essential chino colours you should own

Unlike dress pants, chinos come in a rainbow of colours, from brown to beige and red to sky blue. So, you won’t feel limited when choosing a colour for your chino pants. With any colour you go for, the key is to choose classic tones of hues for consistent looks with a timeless dimension.

Navy blue chinos

Navy blue is a more versatile colour than black. It is a classic choice for chinos and can be worn with most colours. Navy blue chino pants can be a perfect choice for evening functions.

Khaki or tan chinos

Khaki or tan chinos are most sought-after for their dressier vibe. A typical white dress shirt works well with tan chinos. But you could also opt for dusty khaki or rusty brown for your chinos for a novel look.

White chinos

Pristine white chinos give a clean, bright, and fresh vibe. They can work incredibly well with shades of blue and denim chambray shirts. White chinos are perfect for sunny days that need cool sartorial arrangements.

Olive green chinos

Olive pairs are great in black and white. Try opting for a pitch-black crew-neck t-shirt and sneakers to create an evening-ready look. Similarly, you can pair it with a dress shirt layered with a black sweatshirt for a more formal look.

Ending thoughts

Men’s chino trousers are a must-have bottom to wear as it goes on various occasions. But before you purchase a pair of chinos, remember to consider the fit and style. Moreover, opt for more prominent, easier, and more subtle colours to style with.

By Anurag Rathod

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