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HP printers provide you with high-end solutions to all of your printer woes. It is also a highly affordable printer, there are many variations and options available within HP printers so that there remain possibilities for all kinds of consumers. One of the first things to recall when you have bought your HP printer or are buying one is that a large part of how you use it, depends on how well its setup process has been done. This is why it is pertinent that you follow the steps given below to ensure yourself a setup process which is smooth and prevents any problems from arising even at a later stage.

First thing you need to go is to find a good place where you can put your printing device and then unbox it. This becomes essential as keeping the printer away from the elements of life will ensure it has a longer lifespan as well. The HP printer needs to be put in a position of safety and only then should its peripherals be removed to be attached. Usually, you get an instruction book along with the printer as well, and you can use the instruction book to setup the printer. This will help you do the basic things like wire attaching, cables, printing tray, ink cartridge being filled with ink etc. all of these contribute to making sure your printer becomes in a working condition soon. Only when all of these parts are satisfied can you start to switch it on and then use it.

Now another important thing here is to ensure you have a good working internet connection through this whole process. This will also cause problems with the printer’s functioning if it is not. However, after all this has been done and you have verified that the internet is working as well, then make sure you go to the printer driver and its download.

You will not be able to use your device if this aspect of it has not been satisfied. Which is why go to the 123.hp.com website first and let the page load. After this you have to type in the name of the printer model which you have. This will then create a link for you to download the printer driver software with. Once this has been done, then you move on to the saved file onto your device. Make sure that you click on it and follow the options given on the page to complete the setup process.

The installation will take you some amount of time and the dialog boxes which show up on the screen will have to adhered to as well. Grant the permissions which are required and then move on to installing it. Give it some time for the process to get completed. Once the initializing has been done, then you can continue using the printer and see if the settings are in order too.

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By Anurag Rathod

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