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If you are looking for some picturesque waterways in a tourist place, drop into this Recife city.

This city will surely make you go wow with its natural beauty and spectacular locations. This city that slivers throughout the city is a commercial powerhouse in northern Brazil. Explore this must-be watchable city and which is among the best city for travelers traversing the region. Enjoy each attraction, starting from a crazy carnival parade to untouched beaches. 

Relish the vibrant, thumping nightlife and have fun while trying out delectable food and cuisine famous in the city. 

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Carnival in Recife is the most happening thing to see that gives the tourist crowds of Rio. This loco Brazilian-style at Recife is world-class carnival housing many goosebumps rides, adrenaline rush adventurous activities, and many other things. If you visit this area, drop by on Saturday to gaze on the Galo da Madrugada, an epic parade following an enormous route through a bridge. According to the Guinness Book of Records, this parade witnessed two million revelers and is the biggest street party globally. Visit this carnival with kids and make them engage in tons of activities.

Neighboring Olinda

Olinda is a sister city located a short drive from Recife. This city is a colorful town famous for its pastel-colored houses. You will find quaint colonial churches and culture vultures that adore this open-air living museum. Explore this museum and the entire historic center, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.

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Hang out on the beach

Beach is the best place to bum by and spending your whole day near the crystal clear water waving. This beach offers a quintessential Brazilian pastime for people and locals. You will find a beeline for the expansive Boa Viagem along with the city’s central stretch of sand, surrounded by upmarket shops, restaurants, and bars.

Casa da Cultura 

Casa da Cultura is a gorgeous artisanal shopping site for visitors. If you are tired of the closed huge building, then hop into this area to get relaxed and shop for your loved ones. This culture house has been converted from a notorious prison offering several live performances of traditional and current music in the evenings.

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Wander around the old city

Recife’s old town is flushed with flocks and houses imposing architecture and colorful markets. You will find some of the highlights, including Cathedralde São Pedro dos Clerigos, Praça da República, Teatro Santa Isabel, and Mercado do São José.

Majestic castle

Majestic castle in the city is the stunning estate of the Instituto Ricardo Brennand, housing a castle suits of armor, full of swords, and plenty of other knightly paraphernalia. Visit this area to explore the fantastic Brazilian and European artwork and other historical artifacts.

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Marvel at some incredible pottery

Pottery has become the finest-crafted artworks in Brazil via a ceramicist set up shop located on the outskirts of Recife. This pottery business has converted family abandoned tile factories into a fanciful array of spotless. Visit this spot located within a short distance of Instituto Ricardo Brennand. Make sure you visit both the places that are among the top most attractive places in the city.

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