How to plan solo camping

Taking a solo camping trip is the perfect way for you to relax and unwind in nature without the attractions of the real world around you. It can be difficult to think of how to plan a solo camping trip though when you do not have friends or family members who can provide their input. You do not have to be intimidated by the option of camping by yourself, and it should be an experience that is enjoyable to you. You will find five more tips to consider when you are planning a solo camping trip in the information found below.

Go Somewhere You Know

If this is your first solo camping trip, it is best to go somewhere that is somewhat close by to your home or that is somewhere that you know well. If you live in Louisiana or in the deep south, for instance, consider going Toledo Bend camping within Toledo Bend State Park. It will probably make you much more comfortable on your first trip if you are already aware of the territory that you are planning to go to. If you do not know the location you are heading to well enough, you could be worried throughout your entire trip which could make it much less enjoyable.

Give Others Your Plans

If you are going on a solo camping trip, you want to keep yourself safe. Make sure to create an itinerary and share those plans with someone who you can trust so someone else knows where you are supposed to be at any moment. Even tell them when you are planning to return to your campsite from an outing or when you are planning to return back to your home. If you want to, you can even have someone you trust provide check-ins to you so that someone is regularly in contact with you.

Pack Only Essentials

When you are going camping solo, it is up to you to carry all of your belongings and set up all of your belongings. For this reason, it may be best to pack on the light side, especially if you are planning to backpack to your campsite. Only bring the items that you feel are essential to you such as sunscreen, bug spray, clothing, safety items, food, and ample water. If you do not want to carry a tent, you could even consider bringing a hammock instead if the weather will be okay.Appreciate the Quiet

When you are going camping by yourself, you probably will feel a bit of anxiety and that is okay. Any sudden noise may be enough to make you panic, but if you learn to appreciate the noise and even learn how to quiet your own worrisome thoughts, you will have a much more enjoyable experience. Use coping mechanisms such as breathing techniques and grounding yourself so that you feel comforted. Do your own research and find a method of self-soothing that works well for you so that you never have to feel stressed.

Entertain Yourself

The final tip for your first solo camping trip is to learn how to stay entertained in the wild. Make sure that each day is filled with doing something that you enjoy doing or that you want to experience so that you do not become bored. Look up nearby hikes, nearby fishing spots, or any accommodations that a certain campsite may offer to you to experience. For the night, bring a book to read that will captivate you, or make sure you download some movies on your phone that you can watch under the stars.

Final Thoughts

Camping does not just have to be done with other people, and you can have a wonderful experience going camping by yourself. Be sure you choose a location you are comfortable at and that someone else knows that location and your plans as well. Be sure that you keep yourself safe by comforting your own anxious thoughts and by packing only the essentials that you need so you are not overwhelmed. Finally, be sure to entertain yourself just as you would with a group by participating in any activity that you find enjoyable.

By Anurag Rathod

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