How to photograph your paintings with your mobile?

After the popularity of the concept of online galleries, many companies have established online painting stores. They allow you to buy paintings online. However, it is essential to mention that most of us do not know how to photograph paintings to display them online. Therefore, we need to learn how to take pictures and present them online.

After analyzing many images, we believe that some of you will benefit from reading this guide. It will help you discover the apps that help you take pictures properly and publish your paintings online with a clear view.

Many applications are available in the market for iPhone and Android smartphones. So, you can utilize any of them for taking images of original art for sale Toronto and display them in an online art gallery.

Let us learn how these applications work and help you display paintings online!

How to perfectly capture just the image?

As we have described earlier, many applications are available in the market to address all your needs. However, as we have discussed a specific topic of painting photography, we comment on a specific app that has given us good results. However, it does not mean that you cannot use any other app. Factually, you can use any application available on the market dedicated to scanning physical documents for conversion to digital (PDF or image in our case).

Exploring an application for photographing the paintings

The app shown below is Scanner Pro available for iPhone. However, you can certainly find several for Android that perform the same function.

  • Open the app and take a picture of the painting in good light. Additionally, you need to take a picture as perpendicular to the wall as possible.
  • A box with four corners will appear for you to delimit the borders of the box. Move with your finger and adjust with the magnifying glass that will appear as defined as you can to the corners of the fabric.
  • Click on Save Selection, and you will have it cut out. Perhaps the colors change you since this app is designed to scan documents. However. if you click on the magic wand and select Color Photo, you can restore the colors. 
  • Click on Save to save it. You can also give the work a specific name and even add its measurements for your reference. Now all you have to do is save it in your mobile images. You can also transfer it to your computer, depending on where you prefer to upload the work to the web.
  • To transfer it to your computer, just click on Share and choose “JPEG” above and the channel you prefer, such as email, google drive, etc.
  • You also need to select the largest size while sending it through email. The reason is that compressing the images can reduce the image quality. 

Just the picture or with the frame?

The painting measurements with the detail and technique is one of the most defining factors for a buyer to invest in your work of art. Therefore, we always ask about the width and height measurements as a mandatory field in our form. However, we present a new tip here for buyers to know the size of the painting at a glance. You only need to take the photo near a commonly known object, such as a pencil or mug. It will help buyers understand the size while buying paintings online.

If you are going to deliver the painting with the frame that you have specially chosen for the painting, and together they complete the work of art, we would recommend taking a complete photo of the painting with its frame. But if instead, you are going to send only the canvas, then focus on cutting and promoting only the image of the painting.

Final Words

So, you have an online art gallery and want to inspire people who want to buy paintings online. For that, you need to present your artwork and paintings efficiently. For that, you need to take the images by using top-quality apps. It becomes more important when you want to present original art for sale Toronto. The reason is that art lovers can completely understand what has been described in the paintings. When they are allowed to do so, they show their interest and can buy paintings online.

Overall, painting and art lovers love visiting art galleries physically. The reason is that they can explore the paintings with the naked eye. So, you need to give the same experience to those who want to buy paintings online to make online art galleries successful. Using technology is the best option, but you need to continue moving on this path consistently.