How to Make Mondays Better

Monday’s are definitely not the most beloved day of the week. In fact, they may just be the most hated day. A poll conducted by YouGov revealed that 58 percent of Americans say Mondays are their least favorite day of the week. So why is that? Well, many Americans live for the weekends—meaning they dread the workweek and are only happy when the weekend rolls around or when they’re off from work. They often feel those “Monday blues” after a weekend spent relaxing and recharging.

With this mentality, there’s no wonder why many people hate Mondays. But, with a mindset shift and simple habits implemented into your routine, Mondays can easily become your favorite day of the week. Here are a few tips for making your Mondays better.

1. Develop a Monday morning routine

Creating a morning routine can help increase your productivity, but crafting one you actually enjoy and look forward to can really help set the tone for your day—especially Monday. In fact, many successful people you may look up to probably have a morning routine they stick to every day. Try adopting simple habits (that are attainable for you, of course) like making your bed, working out, journaling or making yourself a latte.

Having time for yourself before you dive into your workweek will help make starting the new week that much easier.

2. Practice gratitude

Gratitude should be practiced every day, but especially on Mondays. Instead of dreading going back to work and complaining about all of the tasks you have to do, shift those negative thoughts into positive ones by saying everything you’re grateful for. Showing gratitude for what we have can allow more room for positive feelings to manifest before you begin the workweek.

So, next time you feel those Monday blues creeping in, grab a pen and paper and write down 10 things you’re grateful for. This simple practice can do wonders in changing your mindset and perspective around.

3. Wear your favorite outfit

While it may not sound like the most effective way to love Mondays, putting on an outfit you feel confident in can actually do wonders for your mood. Whether it’s jeans and a T-shirt, workout leggings and a hoodie or a blazer and dress pants—when you feel your best you also perform your best.

Try planning out your outfit ahead of time so when you wake up on Monday morning, you’re excited to get dressed and ready for the day.

4. Change your Monday mindset

Mindset is everything. If we continue to dread Mondays, they’re going to continue to be dreadful. But, if we shift our mindset and make Mondays a day we look forward to, they’ll be just that. Try committing to doing one thing that will put a smile on your face every Monday.

Whether it’s grabbing lunch with a friend, going for a walk at sunset or grabbing a matcha latte from your favorite local cafe, making time for something you enjoy outside of work can make getting through the day so much easier. These small changes can change your mindset not just on Mondays, but for the rest of the week and will also help you have a better work-life balance. It can be easy to come down with a case of the Monday blues after a weekend of fun, but adopting simple habits that get you excited is the easiest way to kick those feelings to the curb once and for all. If you catch yourself slipping into the “living for the weekend” mindset, the tips in the infographic below can help ensure you snap out of it and start to live for Mondays